Thursday, July 14, 2005

Thumbs Up for Councillor Geeta

She must be the ONLY councillor who is actually doing a good job. She fully deserves to be praised and to receive the support from every Penang resident. However, Penang politics is in such a sad state of affairs that only those who talk are being given recognition and not those whom are actually doing their job.

Geeta .... take heart, your efforts are truly commendable, and I for one, salute you!

From The Star, July 13, 2005:-

Public toilets in Penang ‘40% more cleaner’ now

CLEANLINESS and maintenance of public toilets in Penang have improved.

Penang municipal Councillor Geeta Suresh Chand said cleanliness of public toilets on the island had improved by 40%.

She said her visits to 36 public toilets on the island since March had helped in creating awareness among toilet operators on the importance of maintaining cleaner toilets.

“I have noticed that the municipal council has responded fast on my complaints by repairing broken sinks, toilet bowls or urinals within four to five days.

“They have also painted a few toilets to make them brighter. We want public toilets to be continuously maintained,” she said when asked for comments on cleanliness of public toilets.

In a related development, Geeta said the municipal council had accepted her recommendation to get public toilet operators use a new detergent for the maintenance of toilets.

The public toilet operator at Weld Quay ferry terminal had started using the new detergent, she said, adding that those who wanted details could call the council at 04-2633000.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Proton's poor safety record

Check out the following link on Proton "Impian"s safety test results in Europe:


Proton claims that the Impian is the first of a new generation of cars that are designed to Euro NCAP standards. Its performance in the frontal impact was flawed, however, while the protection it offered to pedestrians also proved inadequate. This was a disappointing performance but Proton says it intends to improve future designs. The car's body was damaged so badly by the impact that it became unstable. The driver and front passenger risked serious injury. The child restraints performed poorly and it became apparent that, in development, too little thought had been given to their use. The Impian is made only in right-hand drive so in Europe it is sold only in the UK.


Friday, July 01, 2005

Interesting news to cheer you up!

In the Star today:

"HIGH oil prices saw Petroliam Nasional Bhd (Petronas) report a bumper profit for its financial year ended March 31, but the national oil company's president and chief executive Tan Sri Mohd Hassan Marican stressed that skyrocketing prices was not the sole reason for the record-setting financial performance.

10 Clicks To Victory Contest Hassan said the group's manufacturing business, which consists of the manufacture of petroleum products, liquefied natural gas, processed gas and petrochemicals, accounted for RM78.2bil or 57% of the group's total revenue of RM137bil for the financial year just ended. He also credited improvements in efficiency as another factor for the improved financial performance."

As usual - big corporate daddy reap all the profits while the rest of us has to make do with skyrocketing petrol prices and goods. Hmmm... something is not quite right here, right?

Malaysia - a petrol producing country, Petronas reaping all the profits, Malaysian layman has to pay higher oil prices. Economic equality of the new century?

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