Thursday, April 29, 2010

MACC to probe Prime Minister for vote buying?

MACC to show they do not fear ruling government

A day after Najib gave a RM3 million check to voters in Hulu Selangor, MACC chief Datuk Abu Kassim Mohamed said: "I am not interpreting the law. Whoever complains about it, we will investigate. If any parties complain, it is our job under the law to look into it. If there is an element of corruption, we will investigate."

Recently however, MACC has shown that it was not even capable of charging the small fish and fries as more of their cases were thrown out by the court. So to charge the PM? Good luck!

JR: What's the difference between giving money before or after you entice someone to do something for you? If this is not corruption, what is??

Niamah: Is RM3 million a carrot or a bribe?

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Monday, April 26, 2010

Bicycle Tours Around Georgetown

Metrobike provides guided cycling tours in heritage Penang

WANT to explore George Town’s Unesco World Heritage enclave but not keen on driving or walking?

Consider the option of pedalling through the streets of the inner city at a slow pace to fully take in the sights and sounds.

If you don’t have a bicycle, fret not. A company — The Metro Bike — is offering bicycles for rent at a reasonable price.

The eco-friendly bicycle tour company, which started such a service on March 1, has branches located along Komtar Walk and the Tanjung City Marina in Weld Quay. Just look out for the row of bicycles outside its offices.

Its marketing director Ken Khor said the idea came from a group of friends after seeing many tourists walking around to see the inner city.

Location of bicycles for hire | Tours available

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Changing goalposts to prevent voters from voting

Voting stations changed by EC as BN gets desperate to win Hulu Selangor

PKR wants the Election Commission (EC) to explain its contradictory statements on the changing of voting stations of over 14,000 voters in Hulu Selangor, or resign en bloc.

PKR election direction chief Fuziah Salleh made this call on Tuesday, April 20, in reference to the voters in Hulu Selangor whose voting stations had been changed without their knowledge.

Fuziah said that since no re-delineation of the constituency had taken place since 2001, the electorate cannot be reassigned to different voting stations.

"EC officials have been making conflicting statements," she told reporters at the parliament lobby. "The EC chairman said they needed to change the polling stations to reduce overcrowding in some stations, as the EC had to take the comfort of voters into account."

Nightmare for BN and MIC to find a suitable candidate

Samy Vellu forced by UMNO to relinquish his post and his deputy's candidacy

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Mkini Forum: Will Hulu Selangor voters be bought by BN or are they smarter than BN?

Najib on the aftermath: "It's called problem solving, not vote buying"

Thursday, April 01, 2010

1Malay first before 1Malaysia

Malaysian DPM acknowledges that 1Malaysia is not for him

The Star yesterday reported that DPM Muhyiddin has responded to DAP adviser Lim Kit Siang’s challenge for him to resign if he refused to admit that he is a Malaysian first and a Malay second as proof that he was in full support of the 1Malaysia concept.

I can't believe this joker played right into LKS hand!!

“I will not bow to his demand. He can repeat it a thousand times. I am a Malay first but I want to say that being a Malay does not mean that you are not a Malaysian,” he told reporters in Parliament yesterday.

“How can I say I am a 1Malaysian first and a Malay second. All Malays will shun me and say it’s not proper as Indians will also say they are Indian first,” he said.

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Malaysians saddened by DPM's racist statement.

Najib agrees not everyone (including his deputy) believes in him

Lim Guan Eng: Muhyiddin has just shown us 1Malaysia is just a big BN farce

We need leaders who put the nation first instead of their race

There goes our RM2.7mil Najib used to spent on building his 1Malaysia

Report: Majority of BN's assemblymen do not support Najib's 1Malaysia

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