Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What Mahathir failed to do

Mahathir lists Kampung Baru as his failure, we can list many more

Blogger/thespian/ex-DJ Patrick Teoh has urged his readers to submit what you think is Mahathir's biggest failure and is deluged with replies:

- He failed to improve the Education system of Secondary and Universities in this country. Actually it became worst!
- He failed to improve the economic status of most Malays in this country.
- Proton is still crap!
- Corruption became worst!!
- Police force is a joke! the only bigger joke in this country is our Courts and Judiciary!
-He failed to save his son's venture in Konsortium Perkapalan? Oh wait, wait, he did.

- The most tragic failure of mahalingam's rule is his failure to commit suicide to spare us his sham tears.
- Kg Baru would today be developed if his family had been given half the land.
- He failed to make Ringgit stronger than Sing dollar.
- With his superb acting ability and ethnic background, this mamak failed to go to Bollywood. He would have made a good kerala clown.
- He failed to develop incentives and a process that would encourage talented Malaysians and Expats to stay and contribute to this country's future, and their counterparts overseas to return.

Image from "The Ricecooker Shop"

I can't contribute to your list of his failures, but I can list some of his more memorable achievements, they are:
1. Increasing number of fat croonies
2. More White Elphants roaming in Putrajaya.
3. buying loads of useless expensive defence.
4. Buying out his son's company with yours and my money.
5. Spend my reirement funds for 1/2 priced stocks.
6. Increasing outflow of local talents.
7. perfecting d art of racial disciminaion.
8. dismantling our judiciary and cultivating yes-mans.
9. entertaining us with sodomygate-1
10. neutralising the royal families.

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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Election later as Najib loses confidence

As Najib's popularity keeps plunging, polls will be delayed

Under pressure for not performing Najib is under immense pressure to show proof that he is not just a door stopper. As public outcry increases over his refusal to implicate MACC and Khir Toyo on the case of Teoh Beng Hock, Najib continues to seek refuge by giving flimsy excuses a year after Beng Hock's death.

KLCI goes negative territory as Najib unveils his RM67b "transformation" plans.

Why won't Najib investigate the cause behind Teoh's arrest?

Why is Najib allowing Utusan to spread its racist propaganda?

Royal Commission means no one will be prosecuted

Aliran: Establish who caused Beng Hock's death