Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Sorry State of Malaysian Elections

Malaysian Election Commission and Foreign Missions try their best to deprive overseas Malaysians of their right to vote

Batu Gajah MP Fong Po Kuan once said that Malaysians overseas wanted to exercise their right to vote because they loved the country. This prompted Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz to lash out: “If they really love Malaysia, they should come back and vote. They willingly went abroad and stayed there for five, six years and didn’t come back. It means they don’t love Malaysia.”

The Federal Constitution under Article 119 guarantees every citizen’s constitutional right to vote in an election provided (a) he or she has attained the age of 21; (b) is resident in a constituency or, if not so resident, is an absent voter; and (c) is registered in the electoral roll as an elector in the constituency in which he or she resides on the qualifying date, unless he or she is disqualified under the law.

There you go, so they have the right to vote!

But this right has been amended under the Elections (Registration of Electors) Regulations 2002 so that, of the Malaysians residing overseas, only four categories are allowed to register as an absent voter:

> A serving member of the Armed Forces.

> A public servant serving overseas.

> A full-time student who is studying overseas.

> Spouses of the three aforementioned categories who are living with their spouse at the date of application for registration.

This effectively means that all the illustrious personalities mentioned at the start of this article cannot vote while overseas. They are among the estimated 784,900 Malaysians working overseas. If you include the spouses, the figure could easily touch a million.

Political analyst Dr Ong Kian Ming put forth two reasons why overseas Malaysians do not enjoy equal right to vote: logistics and politics. He noted that because of the constituency-based elections in Malaysia, it is a big hassle to send individual ballots to voters overseas who vote in constituencies all over Malaysia.

“It is a messy logistical process and exercise, and if nobody pushes (the Election Commission) to act, the EC won’t do anything about it. As Malaysians overseas are more likely to be financially independent and think differently from Malaysians back home, it may be assumed that they are more likely to vote for the Opposition. Hence, there has been little political desire to make a concerted effort to incorporate more Malaysians into the electoral process,” said Ong.

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Sarawak Ibans storm SUPP office to demand promised payment for voting their candidate

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sarawak Election Results

Today Sarawakians have a chance to remove a despot and a corrupt government

Bomohs won't protect him this time

Go to Malaysiakini for live results

Sarawak's Christians called upon to help remove Taib and teach Najib a lesson

Final Results: Despot wins, Sarawakians continue to suffer

Tsunami warning turns out just a small wave

Opposition only managed to double their seats

The lessons to be learned in the aftermath

Saturday, April 09, 2011

Najib beset with problems as he tries hard not to lose Sarawak

The writing's on the wall as Chinese voters swamp DAP's ceramahs

Joceline Tan writes:-

The massive crowds at DAP’s first night ceramah in Kuching, Sibu and Miri may be a signal of a Chinese tsunami for Sarawak.

IT was the tiniest makeshift stage that most people had ever seen and if DAP leader Lim Guan Eng had held up his arms, he could have easily touched the aluminium roof.

But the crowd that stretched out before the Penang Chief Minister was the biggest the party had ever experienced for a first night ceramah in any election.

Even Tony Pua, the party’s national point man for the Kuching campaign, was surprised at the response. They knew the Chinese in Sarawak were restless but they had not expected this boiling point kind of sentiment.

And it was not just in Kuching. Pua showed some reporters images from his BlackBerry which his counterpart in Miri had sent over –the scene at an ongoing ceramah there was just as packed. It was the same in Sibu where DAP hopes to make the most gains.

DAP has been in Sarawak for years but its leaders have never seen anything like this. It looks like the DAP rocket is about to shoot really high in Sarawak as the Chinese prepare to send their clearest ever signal to the Taib Mahmud regime.

Taib fights off Najib to claim credit in solving the Bible impasse

Najib's attack on Customs department will cause him to lose Malay support

2nd death at MACC a big blow to Najib's administration

Secret email going round asking government servants to reject Taib

PI Bala to return to haunt Najib?

Anwar's sex video backfiring on Najib

Malaysia is falling apart under Najib

The Star: Malaysia's MSCI ranking continues to drop as Bursa loses more liquidity

NGOs pressuring Najib to set up Royal Commission to investigate Taib

The Star: It takes more than 10 years to build a church in Malaysia

F1 fast losing its lustre in Malaysia

Schoolkids brought in to watch F1 as SIC at a lost on how to generate interest

Sepang International Circuit (SIC) chairman Datuk Mokhzani Mahathir is trying hard to counter the fact that being the promoter he is responsible for the fact that F1 is fast losing the interest of everyone from locals to the foreigners. After months of very little promotion Mokhzani is not revealing how many tickets have been sold for this current season which begins this weekend.

There has not been any memorable adverts on TV except one featuring a ridiculous satay seller which clearly has been produced by amateurs. The ads on mainstream papers by the Singaporean F1 promoter clearly outshines any of which Mokhzani has been able to produce.

There is also no gala dinner and no gala concert. A free concert by Korean superstar Rain is leaving everyone wondering who are the main potential visitors for this event if not the Westerners. Fashion shows are passe and demo drives are so lame...

Someone better sack Mokhzani fast or we will definitely lose F1.

NST: Slow start to ticket sales

Malay Mail: Malaysian F1 desperately needs a facelift

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

What's next Najib?

Wan Azizah claims Anwar is not the actor

Now that the wife has seen the video and is sure that her husband is not the leading actor what is BN going to do next? After all the hoo-ha and the sordid but publicity heavy revelations and the press going to town with the story it is now revealed that the leading actor is not who we think he is? What was that all about?

BN/UMNO is definitely not going to let the issue die off (after having invested so much in it I am sure) and will squeeze it for what its worth (and I am sure it was worth A LOT) - so what's next, or who's next?

Can we expect an equally sordid video on Najib next? PR can eventually claim that it was not him, later, anyway.... this being Malaysia...

Nazri: Wan Azizah is not qualified to identify her own husband!

Nazri again: We need a Royal Commission on this sex video otherwise my reputation is gone

Latest: Meanwhile we have another "jumper" at MACC (anyone surprised??)

Vote For Me - I Need Your Money

Sarawak's Taib Mahmud (who says I'm retiring?) plays the game he and BN knows so well.

Are Sarawakians foolish enough to vote for him again?

Former Finance Minister Tun Daim Zainuddin:-

Pakatan Rakyat poses no challenge to Taib’s hold on power but the state Barisan Nasional is likely to see several more seats fall to the opposition. Some politicians in the state were unhappy when said that Barisan would win with “a few more seats going to the opposition”.

Siphoning money from Sarawak

MACC chicken-out from investigating Taib for corruption

Taib launches cyber campaign (see Google Ad below)

Will the Egyptian revolution bring inspiration to the people of Sarawak?

Taib's international properties exposed

Taib's exclusive hotel purchase exposed

Foreign infiltration in Taib's family exposed

Latest: NGOs call on Najib to investigate Taib's immense wealth

Monday, April 04, 2011

MCA to fight for Chinese gambling rights

Will Chua Soi Lek fight for our rights to watch porn next?

MCA is now sinking deeper into greater depths as their president suddenly took it on himself to fight for the right of all Malaysian Chinese to gamble. Seemingly peeved by the Kelantan government to ban gambling in the state Chua has now gone into battle stations to fight for what he thinks is every Malaysian Chinese right - to gamble as they see fit.

Forget about the rights of the Chinese for scholarhips, forget about the rights for cheap housing and forget about the families destroyed by playing the compulsive numbers game - gambling must go on!

MACC officers watch porn during Teoh Beng Hock's interrogation

Nazri: MCA is like a discarded wife unwilling to seek a divorce

Is the "feared" Bible now a controlled item in Malaysia?