Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Malaysian Law Minister's Unlawful Son

Drives a Porsche and assaults security guard

Hmmmph... this story begs many questions:

1. How can a son of a Malaysian Minister own a Porsche (it is not impossible, just how?). BTW check the prices of Porshes in Malaysia

2. The son has a bodyguard who drives a luxury MPV.

3. The son refuses to register on entering a condominium (brandishes his father's calling card).

4. Bodyguard and/or son assaults security guard.

5. Case is hurriedly closed by the Polis.

Hmmmph... another typical UMNO politician story.

Najib: Support for BN peaking (??)

Monday, March 12, 2012

The shit begins to pile on BN

Najib takes the credit while BN gets the shit

While Najib's approval rating seemingly improves, the same cannot be said for BN. As Najib tries to take credit for everything good (even apologizing to the public for his past sins) more shit is exposed on BN which Najib cunningly avoids.

Shahrizat "resigns" but hesitantly

NFC affair not only an insult to Malaysians, it also shows Najib's impotence

Najib accused of spending public money, again

Najib shines while UMNO is in tatters

Former MCA boss charged with corruption

Dr M challenges Malaysians to prosecute him

Mahathir's legacy of disastrous financial missteps

UMNO resorts to violence

Law in Malaysia made a mockery under UMNO rule

BN comes under attack daily as it uses MACC to protect itself

DPM Muhyiddin to face a rally in his backyard

Thursday, March 08, 2012

No Sympathy For The Star

The Star gets no help for sucking up to BN

The Star has been good at playing ball with BN but when they made a mistake they realized not even BN will help them, least of all CSL.

It is not surprising that even Malaysian netizens have not been sympathetic to their plight (due to their penchant for bashing the Opposition) and so when the day comes when they lose their license to print will CSL will be there to "comfort" their employees? You can bet citizens like me will have no sympathy for The Star.

Why UMNO not satisfied with The Star's explaination

The Star to be suspended? 

2 Editors already sacrificed for UMNO/KDN 

All ado about Erykah Badu

JR: Hmm... I wonder why CSL is now so quiet on the hudud issue....