Friday, December 02, 2005

I'm so sorry for those in the tourist industry

From The Star

Malaysia needs to do damage control to woo tourists back

Recent events have really knocked our tourist industry down again even before they managed to pick themselves up from the effects of Tsunami/Bird Flu/& whatever else have you.

"Sudah jatuh di timpa tangga!"

Worst still, this is man-made and really could have been avoided!

What is our State Tourism Committee doing about it?

Is Penang Food Hygienic?

From The Star - Nov 26, 2005

Focus on hygiene: "SERVING quality food at reasonable prices is not good enough in attracting tourists to Penang.

Chief Minister Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon said strict hygiene in the preparation of food was just as impor-tant.

“We do not want tourists to turn away on learning of food poisoning cases here. "

Anyone wants to comment on which popular Hawker Center in Penang is the dirtiest?

Penang not given its due allocations? - from The Star

Give Penang a bigger role, chamber urges Federal Govt: "To get the allocation, Dr Koh said Penang had to go through a process to convince the federal ministries. "

Again, what is Dr Koh going to do about this?

Quoting him - “I just found out recently that the Penang Hospital also has an expenditure of RM200mil which means the state government is run on a budget similar to the expenditure of a hospital with 1,400 beds. "

So what is your next course of action? Inaction?

"Commenting on the matter, Federation of Malaysian Manufac-turers (FMM) northern branch chairman Datuk O.K. Lee said the Federal Government should decentralise its power to all the states. "

I hope Dr Koh is not letting others do his job for him. Or, is he?

Investor ‘complains of red tape’ from The Star

Investor ‘complains of red tape’: "Investor ‘complains of red tape’


PENANG: An investor has to obtain nearly 40 permits to set up a five-star hotel in Malaysia while he could build it with just two permits in Singapore or three in Thai-land. "

What is our CM doing about it? Not bothered?

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