Friday, September 19, 2008

Teresa Kok released!

Our prayers for Teresa have been answered! Malaysia's "security threat" Teresa Kok has been released unconditionally by the police.

“I do not know why I was released today, just as I do not know why I was detained.”

UMNO supreme council says PM Abdullah is an embarassment and should quit by Oct 9

Karpal to sue Utusan Malaysia for RM10 million

Teresa Kok to sue Utusan and Government too

Thursday, September 18, 2008

A Trying Time For Bloggers

It is so easy to blame your problems on someone else

First it was RPK, now they have gone after Kickdefella

Bloggers, I hope this Pet Shop Boys song will provide some inspiration to all:

The Patsy Kensit version:

Latest: Bursa Malaysia experiences highest 1-day loss

How To Stop Anwar

Is Pak Lah dumb enough to use the ISA?

I bet Anwar is just waiting for Abdullah to use the ISA on him as this would then resurrect nationwide demonstrations and show of support for Anwar which he would only be too happy to bask in.

Pak Lah's cards are few but there is one card he can play to effectively stop Anwar and put an end to to his lofty ambitions without creating a national crisis. He can step down.

As dull as he is, I am sure Pak Lah realizes only too well that his days are numbered and his equally lofty ambition to be recognized as someone who is definitely much more than just a "Bapak Mertua Khairy" has flown off long before the ISA arrests started. Zaid Ibrahim has also pulled the final plug from under him by declaring that there was never any serious attempt by Abdullah to reform the judiciary, which was one of Abdullah's string of empty promises to the nation. Thus his failure as a PM is now clear and evident to all.

With nothing left to show Pak Lah can play his trump card by stepping down. Anwar will not be able to respond to this because then his present nemesis in the form of Najib will then be elevated to PM. UMNO will certainly regroup as a lot of unhappiness in UMNO now stems from the fact that Abdullah is unwilling to step down and no one can do anything about it, not even ex-PM Mahathir. Even if Najib's capabilities are suspect one cannot deny that an UMNO revitalized is definitely something no one in Pakatan wants to see.

Forget about bringing back Mahathir and his gang of geriatric goons. They have had their time. UMNO's fresh blood is as hungry and even more determined than any other member in Pakatan save one. A new UMNO is definitely a threat to Pakatan's dream and will also tone down their bedfellows e.g. MCA and Gerakan whom have now become bolder due to a weakened UMNO.

Meanwhile Anwar knows his time is quickly running out and he must wrest his position before Abdullah gives way to Najib. The iron is still hot while UMNO lies paralyzed with a head which is unable to move its body. A new head would awaken a new soul and Anwar will not want to see how the new body fights.

Will Abdullah play his trump card? Time is running out every minute he delays. Letting go of power is not easy but will he go off in a whimper or will he go off with his enemy slained?

Jeff Ooi: PM Abdullah responds to Anwar by shifting his furniture around

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Anwar Wants PM To Handover The Government Peacefully

Anwar Ibrahim Is Ready To Form The Next Government
Anwar last night said that he has enough lawmakers to form the next government and wants PM Abdullah Badawi to handover the reins for Malaysia peacefully.

Press Conference By Anwar on 16 September 2008

PM Abdullah Badawi unwilling to relinquish position

"We want the transition of power to be done smoothly and peacefully"

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Malaysian Cops to Jail Its Citizens if Their Life Is Threatened

Unable to arrest criminals Malaysian Polis jails innocent citizens instead

The Malaysian Polis have found a new and innovative method to combat crime. Unable to solve the recent increase in crime and criminals they have now found a novel way to reduce crime - jail the citizen so that the crime will not be committed!

Home Minister Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar has explained that Sin Chew reporter Tan Hoon Cheng was detained under ISA as (unbeknownst to her) her life was threatened by "unknown criminals". 16 hours later she was freed as the threat must have been removed by our very efficient Polis! Bravo!

Associated Press: Worldwide condemnation continues for Malaysia's ridiculous arrests

AFP: Malaysian envoy summoned in US to explain crackdown on civilians

IHT: Malysian PM derided for making an Opposition takeover a reality now

Daily Times: Malaysian economy to take a hit due to latest events

Malaysiakini: Teresa Kok's arrest a malicious attempt to stir racial unrest by ruling party

Latest: Malaysian de facto Law Minister quits over ISA detention

Latest: Malaysian PM under immense pressure to step down

Latest: Click here to sign a petition to free Teresa Kok

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Malaysian Government On Verge Of Collapse

Panicking PM arrests RPK, Teresa Kok and Reporter

When you are sinking you pull at whatever you can grasp a hold on. The dying Malaysian government has made a desperate attempt to please its waning supporters by arresting the most vocal of its critic, RPK, prominent opposition MP Teresa Kok and award-winning reporter Tan Hoon Cheng who recently exposed racism and sedition within the ruling party UMNO.

PM Abdullah Badawi lambasted by Malaysians and foreign dignitaries

Worldwide criticisms heaped at Malaysian Prime Minister

Draconian law used against its citizens

Malaysian newspapers to be banned next

An act to intimidate the local media

"Don't ask me to step down"

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Malaysian government to remove ban on Malaysia Today website

Another flip-flop decision by Abdullah's government

The Cabinet has ordered the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (SKMM) to reinstate access to all blocked websites including Malaysia Today, says Energy, Water and Communications Minister Datuk Shaziman Abu Mansor.

Ahmad Ismail suspended from all positions
This blogger however believes Ahmad had the right to speak his mind as does anyone else, only problem was he stuck his foot inside his mouth. Who cares what happens to this pathetic NEP end-product...

Muhyiddin calls for PM to step down soon

Mahathir wants to come back

PR to woo MPs holidaying in Taiwan

Sept 20 a better date than Sept 16

Malays will protect their Chinese brothers if UMNO riots

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Ahmad Ismail's Biodata

Looking for more information on UMNO's new poster boy Datuk Ahmad Ismail I uncovered the following:

6 Jan 2006: Ahmad retained as MPPP Councillor

25 May 2006: Datuk Ahmad Ismail stripped of his municipal councillor's position

Datuk Ahmad Ismail declared a bankrupt

Ahmad was a director of Peninsular Metroworks Sdn Bhd, the concessionaire for the RM1.02 billion 7.5km Penang Outer Ring Road (PORR).

"I am just a victim of circumstances and technical error"

Datuk Ahmad Ismail to lose his Bukit Bendera Umno chairman post - Why didn't it happen??

"I have no personal grudge against the Chief Minister"

Penang Ex-Deputy Chief Minister Datuk Abdul Rashid Abdullah said the state will await a detailed report from the Insolvency Department before deciding on Ahmad's fate in Umno

Penang Ex-CM Datuk Koh wary of reinstating Datuk Ahmad

31 May 2006: Datuk Ahmad Ismail reinstated as MPPP councillor

Ahmad Ismail was Anwar's crony

Latest: Ahmad's family owns the Shell Station in front of Gembira Parade in Island Glades, Penang (unconfirmed)

"Malaysian Chinese Are Immigrants"

After 51 years of Independence UMNO has again reminded Malaysian Chinese that they will still be treated as immigrants

After years of being treated "worse" than immigrants UMNO has now confirmed that they have "elevated" the status of Malaysian Chinese to "immigrants". Wow! This must be such a great 51st Merdeka present to some Malaysian Chinese whose status has been deemed worse than immigrants all these years. Maybe now it will be easier for them to get their IC/MyKad or their citizenship compared to an ordinary Indonesian!

UMNO Division Chief Datuk Ahmad Ismail says that "the Chinese are immigrants and therefore cannot be given the same privileges"

UMNO State Chairman Tan Sri Annuar Musa defends Ahmad's statement

MCA says statement is seditious, UMNO says "No, its' not!"

Tian Chua; The entire UMNO by-election campaign in Permatang Pauh was runned on racism

Gerakan says UMNO is "reaching a point of no return"

Police reports lodged against Ahmad

Police "cannot locate" Ahmad

UMNO Dinosaur President and PM refuses to apologize for Ahmad's statement

Deputy PM and PM-in-waiting apologizes to the Chinese

Najib's apology is "inadequate and unacceptable"

Lim Kit Siang: Remember (Malaysian Chinese immigrant) Namewee's case where even a song was deemed seditious and his apology was NOT accepted

PDC lodges corruption report against Ahmad for missing RM500,000.00

Ahmad now owns 2 bungalows and stays in a high-class apartment in Tanjung Tokong - I wonder which "immigrant" built his bungalows for him??

Looks like another one of the typical UMNO's poster boys. Hail to the new UMNO hero!