Sunday, November 11, 2012

Najib is so weak everyone wants his seat

DPM Muhyiddin watches in glee as Najib loses more hair

Malaysians everywhere are all waiting anxiously to see if Najib will be the first Malaysian PM to lose his parliamentary seat in the coming election. Politicians from every corner have suddenly found new courage in this coming election to seek to claim the biggest prize for themselves.

Zaid Ibrahim: Najib is easy pickings as he represents all that is wrong in Malaysia

Tuan Hadi: Najib will lose even to me

Joceline Tan: Najib is now afraid of his own shadow

Meanwhile, someone is making hay while the sun shines...

Mahathir: I instructed Petronas to give more deals to my children

Thursday, November 01, 2012

Malaysian Minister's son receives luxury car as payment

Minister Nazri does not deny son given Hummer by timber baron

Malaysia's Minister in Prime Minister Department today acknowledged that his son is/has/had been driving a Hummer SUV given to him by a timber tycoon. A minister under the ruling BN party, his party was recently rattled with allegations of massive corruption when they could not answer how the party has/has not received RM 40 million from a timber tycoon in Sabah and also Nazri's reluctance to investigate the matter.

The minister however was proud to proclaim his immense wealth and ability to upkeep his son's high maintenance costs without a blink of an eye as typical of most of the ministers in Malaysia's BN party.

"Any gifts to my son cannot be considered a bribe"

Clear evidence  of link between Nazri and Chia

More evidence of Nazri being involved with Chia

Nazri not a bit worried by MACC whom will not investigate their boss 

The Edge: Rafizi reveals damaging links between Nazri and timber tycoon

Nazri: "I am still not as bad as NFC's Shahrizat"

LKS: Nazri is BN's next NFC scandal

A look at the timber mafia in Malaysia

Another BN minister lets terrorists roam freely in Malaysia while busy rounding up NGOs