Sunday, December 30, 2012

Najib is BN's biggest liability

BN will crash in the next election if Najib is not removed

As Najib's rhetoric goes into overdrive there seems to be little he can do to overcome the damage to his image as accusations of corruption continue to pile on him like an overturned manure truck. Outright accusations are not even replied as the nation's government agencies work overtime to cover his ass. And as the people stop listening to the state's media it seems like only a miracle (and Rosmah is working hard on it) will save him from a fate similar to the ex-leaders of the Arab spring countries. Not even Najib can stand in the way of Dr M and his billions which he will use to do whatever he can to prevent Anwar from being the next PM and therefore bringing an end to his empire.

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Sunday, December 02, 2012

Has Najib found the courage to call for an election?

Still looking to Dr M for the signal which is not coming

After holding the UMNO's general assembly looks like Najib has still not the courage to call for an election and will be sitting pretty enjoying his last moments in office as long as he possibly can. With all his blundering officials at his side it is no surprise UMNO intends to hold on to its position as long as possible and to squeeze as much profit as possible from the nation before its time ends. Even as Dr M cried all is clear they have a lot to lose in the coming election.

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