Monday, January 19, 2009

44 places to go in 2009

Penang is ranked No.2 by NY Times readers!

Penang has been voted the 2nd best place to go in 2009 by New York Times readers! You can visit the site and see where are the other 41 places to go in 2009.

Its more discerning editors however placed Penang at the 22nd spot with the only other Asian destinations Phuket ranked at No. 12 while Boracay made it at 26. Needless to say Penang food was what tempted the readers to make it a must in your list of the most tempting places to visit in 2009.

Penang food

What to eat and where to eat in Penang

BN Losing More Ground

BN Fails to Retain Kuala Terengganu

Despite the nationwide campaign to retain its seat BN found itself losing more ground this time deep in the Malay heartland when it failed to retain its Kuala Terengganu seat.

After all the empty promises, the bribes, the pathetic back-stabbing and the total media control (e.g. The Star featured an incredible amount of bad news about the Opposition in almost every other page in its print version, and almost every day) it looks like BN is really heading for the sunset this time.

Pakatan didn't even have to do anything except to let BN talk itself hoarse and still they won. I guess this speak volumes about how everyone sees BN now, except for those inside BN who still thinks they are still as popular as "nasi dagang" while they are actually more like "nasi semalam".

So while Najib thinks its just a minor setback and Muhyiddin thinks UMNO was not exciting enough, the people go back to being bored by BN MPs who try to be as insulting as possible to gain popularity. So let us all just wait for the next by-election and the next one until we get rid of all the BN rubbish.

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