Saturday, December 25, 2010

Najib gets desperate as rakyat rejects his 1Malaysia sloganeering

The people of Selangor rejects 1Malaysia as empty sloganeering

Fresh from being accused of ripping off the 1Israel concept Najib now faces a ban from the Selangor government over his controversial 1Malaysia billboards which reminds Malaysians of not only the Israelis but BN's empty promises.

"There are good reasons to fear this current 1Malaysia because it is coined by a regime that is corrupt to the core, oppressive, practices racism and religious bigotry and plunders the coffers of the country with impunity."

Why Malaysians reject 1Malaysia

Namewee's 1Malaysia


1Malaysia a PR disaster from the start

Najib's suicidal slogan

After years banning Opposition billboards, BN now gets a taste of their own medicine

JR: "Merry Christmas everyone and hopefully a better new year ahead!"

Monday, December 20, 2010

Using history to corrupt our minds

UMNO bent on re-writing history to champion only one race

Our current History textbooks are biased in the sense that they downplay the roles of the non-Malays in the development of our nation and its independence.

As an example, the previous textbooks used to adequately mention the contribution of the Chinese and the Indians in the development of the tin mining and rubber industries.

Now it is given scant attention.

There is also lopsided emphasis on Islamic Civilisation.

I personally counted that about 39% of the content of the current Form Four History textbook (compared to 15% in the earlier textbook) deals with Islamic Civilisation.

Interestingly, the current textbook has reduced more than 25% the amount of text related to Christianity, Hinduism and Buddhism as compared to the earlier textbook.

Our History textbooks are also biased because they do not tell the whole truth.

For example, why can’t we state categorically that the founder of Malacca (Parameswara) was a Hindu prince from Palembang who died a Hindu?

The current Form 2 History textbook has just one sentence (not even in the main text) on Yap Ah Loy: Yap Ah Loy antara orang yang bertanggungjwab membangunkan Kuala Lumpur (Yap Ah Loy is one of the people responsible for developing Kuala Lumpur).

As for Gurchan Singh, his wartime exploits were contained in a textbook, Heroes of Malaya, which was widely used in Malayan schools in the 1950s.


Read the full letter

Malaysian education system in deep shit

Muhyiddin: History curriculum to remain until 2017

Lim Teck Ghee: Ruling government not interested to correct historical untruths

Latest: Najib in Penang trying to claim credit on Lim Guan Eng's efforts

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Khir Toyo finally charged in court

Is this a preamble to the coming general election?

"Just like what Abdullah Ahmad 'Pak Lah' Badawi did in 2004 - remember he charged one federal minister, one official at the federal level, one at the state level and one at the district level and after that, we all fell heads and shoulders for him? Of course, we now know nothing happened to those charged."

Read more

Khir Toyo to quit as Opposition Leader

MACC graft probe reeks of double standards

Another protest in KL met with tear-gas and Najib's riot army

BN will lose more seats in next polls

Khir Toyo's arrogance is the best reason why we have no choice but to completely reject BN

Joceline Tan: Khir Toyo's fall a typical UMNO politician's exit

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Lim Guan Eng shows Najib the right stuff

Penang gets its numbers right

Penang has just received another feather on its cap. In its latest report on Penang released this month, the auditor-general lauded the state government for producing sound and healthy financial standing for the year 2009. Calling the state’s financial condition "baik" (good), the report noted that the state authorities had exercised prudent expenditure, which was crowned by a financial statement that was professionally furnished with comprehensive documentation.

"With a good financial standing, the state government has been able to provide its people with services and contributions that are more effective," the auditor-general said in the latest annual report for the state.

The tone of the report must have come as music to the ears of Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng, a qualified professional accountant and graduate in Economics from Monash University. Lavishing praises on the state’s finance officer, Datuk Farizan Darus, Lim attributed Penang’s strengthened financial condition to new budgeting procedures the state has adopted. These include the introduction of line-item accounting, outcome-based budgeting, open tender system and risk management.

What does it all mean in hard numbers? According to the state’s balance sheet, the state’s total consolidated funds at the end of 2009 came up to about RM1.1 billion, a 7.4% increase from the RM1.025 billion marked in 2008. What is significant about the accounts is that they reflect a record high in accumulated funds.

Read more

Penang state revenue hits record high

Najib and his deputy spends RM26,000 a day just to keep their house clean

Najib hits new low as his CPI (Corruption Perception Index) drops again!

Najib's RM30 billion mega projects to fool the nation

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Pakatan gets a big boost from Facebook users

Najib's Mega Tower project hands more voters to Pakatan

As the number of Facebook users denouncing Najib's greedy plan to enrich his own people increased to over 100,000, Pakatan Rakyat is quietly planning another triumph as they quietly go about registering all the FB users into voters against BN for the next GE. It has even been described as a "durian runtuh" event for PR as the unexpected surge of support against Najib and BN has risen to unprecedented heights.

Indeed Najib's folly of pretending to invite ideas from the internet users to support his grandiose plan has actually turned against him as more and more Malaysians show their outrage against their very own PM who tried to use them to achieve his own selfish ambitions.

Najib: Anyone can be a Malay in Malaysia (Pakistani, Arabs, Indonesians even) - but no Chinese or Indians please.

Najib: Please die for me if you have to so that I can keep my seat in Putrajaya

Lim Keng Yaik: UMNO GA has shown that BN has lost its original spirit

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Is the Proton Inspira a Lancer rip-off?

Proton gets "Inspira"tion from Mitsubishi Lancer after deciding to scrimp RM700 million

BACKBENCHER’S Club deputy chairman Datuk Bung Moktar Radin (for once this guy is talking sense! Does Zizie has something to do with this?) has called for Proton to be wound up claiming that the national car maker had embarrassed the nation by trying to pass off a rebadged Mitsubishi Lancer as the Proton Inspira.(Actually we have been embarrassed with worse from Bung himself!)

Bung Moktar (BN-Kinabatangan) said he could not accept Proton’s excuse that it was too costly to develop its own car to replace the Proton Waja.

“Proton said it would cost RM700mil to produce a new car. If it cannot afford (to design a new model), then just close down.

“Do not embarrass the country. Proton has been doing research and development for years. Don’t tell me that there is no design that can make the people proud,” he said while debating the Budget 2011.

Read more

Proton Inspira/Lancer
A Mitsubishi Lancer (with license plate removed) caught turning out off Proton's plant in Shah Alam (credits

Paul Tan: The "Inspira"tion behind Proton (Why design something new when you can just copy?)

Paul Tan: Is Proton going backwards?

AutoMagazined: Proton just replaced the badge and called it their new design!

JR: Proton Boleh! (Now you know why our universities rankings keep dropping!)

Monday, October 18, 2010

2-faced Najib just not up to mark

A dissapointing budget heralds Najib's political demise

In The United Nations:
"We have inadvertently allowed the ugly voices of the periphery to drown out the many voices of reason and common sense." - Najib Tun Razak

In Malaysia:
“Walau berkecai tulang dan juga badan, walau bercerai jasad dari nyawa. Saudara dan saudari, walau apa pun yang terjadi, Putrajaya mesti kita pertahankan!” - Najib Tun Razak

Besides 2-timing the nation and The United Nations, Najib also proposed a second "Twin Towers" which will cost billions when almost every basic necessity in Malaysia is still so lacking? Our transportation sucks, our education system sucks, FDI is decreasing and our public delivery system cries out for more funds to improve and yet Najib is happy to dump the money on his "pet projects" which no one knows whom will benefit?

Where is the improvement in Malaysia since he started his job as a PM? Even Penang's CM Lim Guan Eng looks so much better by comparison and he (LGE) doesn't even have a cent at his disposal!

Najib faces imminent political death

Najib: Tell the Chinese one thing and the Malays something else

Mahathir: Najib's performance a stumbling block for Barisan

Civil servants continue to turn their backs against Najib

Elsewhere: Money continues to drain out from Malaysia

Latest: No FDI but Najib manages to chalk up a 75% increase in his travel expenses

Latest: Japan predicts BN will suffer the same fate as the LDP

Latest: Malaysians protest against Najib on Facebook

Latest: 1Chameleon - Malaysians now see the 2 faces of Najib

Latest: Najib's split personality a threat to the Nation

Monday, October 04, 2010

More Troubles for Najib as Gerakan sets to explode

Gerakan Adviser Lim Keng Yaik to quit after being bitterly dissapointed with Koh Tsu Koon

Gerakan adviser and former president Tun Dr Lim Keng Yaik will write in and resign as the party adviser on Tuesday.

He said he was disappointed with the way president Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon handled the conflicts in the party.

"He is someone who hates getting involved in solving conflicts for fear of offending people," he told reporters at a press conference on Wawasan Open University's inaugural convocation here Monday.

He said Dr Koh's attitude of speaking no evil and burying his head in the sand had brought about many problems in the party.

“I’m very sad as the adviser and the former party president for 27 years.

“Maybe my outburst will shake him up but I don’t think so.

“What is the point of becoming the adviser when the president doesn’t listen to you? So I’m going to resign,” he said.

He also lambasted Dr Koh for choosing not to attend the Penang Gerakan extraordinary general meeting on Oct 10 in favour of attending the opening of MCA annual general meeting on the same day.

Koh Tsu Koon: MCA more important than Gerakan

Gerakan's Penang state chairman Teng Hock Nan faces impending EGM to oust him

UMNO bent on keeping the poor Malays poor

Money given by Penang government to the poor ridiculed and returned

Umno Youth said all the money collected from senior citizens, who wanted to return the RM100 they each received under the Senior Citizens Appreciation Programme, would be handed to Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng.

Its chief Norman Zahalan said more people were expected to return the money.

It was earlier reported that the nine had put the money in a collection box in Kepala Batas for the wing to return it to the state government.

UMNO should stop poisoning the people's minds

"If Umno is so pious and holy, they should revoke all gaming licenses, pull out their investment from liquor producing companies and stop taking illicit payments from underground night clubs and entertainment outlets."

Hypocrites and bigots well and alive within UMNO

Thursday, September 30, 2010

BN continue to spread its racist policies

BTN (National Civics Bureau!) still spewing out racist statements in Malaysia as investors line up to leave

National Civics Bureau (BTN) assistant director Hamim Husin has been summoned to the Public Complaints Bureau office to clarify on Thursday his alleged racist remarks. Hamim has denied making the remarks "si sepet dan si kaki botol".

Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Datuk T. Murugiah said that the bureau had received many complaints regarding the remarks Hamim had reportedly made at a Puteri Umno event on Monday that were offensive to the Chinese and Indian communities and the bureau needed to investigate the matter.

PM Najib: No comments (is he so spineless?)

DPM Muhyiddin: I have no power to act

MCA President Chua SL: We can only complain

MIC President: We can only watch

Perkasa: He is our hero

Sir Richard Branson: Najib's government is powerless to correct itself

Jimmy Wales (Wikipedia co-founder): Press censorship stunts Malaysia's growth

Banned by Najib, "The March to Putrajaya" by Kim Quek goes online

Monday, August 23, 2010

No action on school headmistress for making racist statements

Najib speaks of 1Malaysia but his officers continue to spout racist statements

The whole of Malaysia is waiting for Najib to take his stand against the latest racist statements spouted by a headmistress in Johor to her students. Instead he shows ignorance and bliss and still managed to organize a side-show to deflect away all the bad press by trying to victimise Lim Guan Eng on a non-issue.

DAP advisor Lim Kit Siang has called on the prime minister to prevent his 1Malaysia policy from degenerating into a “hollow and empty” slogan, following a slew of attacks by Malay rights groups against politicians for purportedly questioning the social contract.

Najib has remained silent on such attacks as well as on recent incidents where two school principals were accused of making racist remarks against the Chinese and Indian communities.

Bernama: Najib calls for investigation on LGE on mosque issue but is totally silent on racist headmistress

Kit Siang: Najib's 1Malaysia is an empty promise

The Star: Squabbles between MCA and UMNO reaches new heights

Koh Tsu Khoon joining the fray: Don't be obsessed with your 30% Bumi quota
JR: Is BN breaking down? Najib, are you still in control?

Malaysia Today: Najib under immense pressure as BN's popularity continue to slide (may resort to extreme measures)

Malaysia Today: Most Malaysians believe surau attack perpetraded by UMNO.

Malaysiakini: Government suspends DJ from Chinese radio station but Utusan Malaysia is allowed to continue spewing its racist articles

Mosque Official: BN using Islam to spread discontent

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Malaysia's Plunging FDI - What has Najib done (or didn't do)?

Malaysia under Najib is losing out to its neighbours

A lack of confidence in Malaysia's economy has driven foreign direct investment (FDI) away, leaving the once-roaring "Asian tiger" to compete with countries in the Indochina region, said an opposition party yesterday.

The World Foreign Investment Report 2010 released by the United Nations on Thursday showed that FDI in Malaysia plunged 81 per cent last year, trailing behind the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia and Singapore. "For the first time ever in history, Malaysia attracted less investment than the Philippines," said Mr Tony Pua, the chief economist for the Democratic Action Party.

The Philippines attracted US$1.95 billion ($2.67 billion) in FDI compared to Malaysia's US$1.38 billion, while Singapore raked in the most - more than US$16 billion.

"Among South-east Asian nations, we are now only attracting more FDI than Cambodia, Myanmar, Brunei, Laos and Timor Leste," added Mr Pua.

Prime Minister Najib Razak is determined to lift Malaysia's profile as a destination for foreign investment to help achieve an average gross domestic product (GDP) growth of at least 6 per cent per annum over the next five years.

"Malaysia was the only country where our outflow of FDI amounting to US$8.04 billion is substantially greater than the FDI of US$1.38 billion received," charged Mr Pua.

"Not only are foreign investors unwilling to invest in Malaysia, our own local investors as well as foreign investors who are already in the country have a total lack of confidence in the ability of our economy to generate an attractive return on their investments."

Tengku Razaleigh: We are entering the peer group of Cambodia, Burma and the Philippines as an investment destination. Thailand, despite a month-long siege of the capital, attracted more FDI than we did last year. Indonesia and Vietnam far outperform us, not as a statistical blip but consistently. Soon we shall have difficulty keeping up with the Philippines!

Nazir: Foreigners worry about Malaysia's affirmative action (if they can discriminate against their own, what about us foreigners?)

Washington Post: Anwar's trial will make Malaysia lose out even more

Najib's image in tatters? Get Joceline Tan to write him a glowing article!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Datuk Chua loses his datukship

Did the palace mentioned the correct Datuk Chua?

Former MCA leader Datuk Chua Jui Meng has been stripped of two Datuk titles by the Johor Palace.

Chua, who is currently in PKR, was stripped of the Datuk Seri Paduka Mahkota Johor and Datuk Paduka Mahkota Johor titles on June 8.

When contacted, Chua said he was given another reminder of the palace's actions Thursday.

"Both titles are very special to me as it was given by the late Sultan Iskandar Ibni Almarhum Sultan Ismail a few years ago.

"I am only the second Chinese in Johor to be given the title of Datuk Seri Paduka Mahkota Johor," he told The Star.

Chua said the palace did not give any reason for on revoking the titles.

"I will not let this deter me. I will work harder to reform Johor as well as the country," he said.

Chua said he would forever be grateful to the late Sultan for his friendship as well as leadership in the state.

"I value his (the late Sultan) friendship and his contribution towards my life.

“those who had awards withdrawn should ask themselves whether they had done 'something honourable' or not.”

More public figures lose their Johor titles

Johor Council of Royal Court secretary Datuk Abdul Rahim Ramli said the Sultan had conferred the titles of Dato’ Sri Paduka Mahkota Johor and Dato’ Paduka Mahkota Johor based on three main criteria – loyalty, meticulous service and diligence.

“I cannot say the reasons why they have been stripped of their titles as it is the Sultan’s prerogative,” Abdul Rahim told reporters here yesterday.

“However, these four must search their conscience and think for themselves what they have done wrong and not blame others.”

Chua Jui Meng loses his title

Did the palace get the right Chua?

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Cleaner, Greener Penang

Winnie Yeoh reports for The Star

Penang is launching a green initiative, roping in the private sector, non-governmental organisations, the media, government agencies and other stakeholders to work towards making George Town an international city.

Nokia Handphone Recycling Van

The “Cleaner Greener Penang” initiative, to be launched on Saturday, is pioneered by the state government and Star Publications (M) Bhd and supported by the Penang Municipal Council (MPPP) and Seberang Prai Municipal Council (MPSP).

State Local Government and Traffic Management Committee chairman Chow Kon Yeow, who heads the initiative, said the objectives of the one-year campaign were to improve the quality of life and create a greener public realm.

“We also want to raise awareness on the importance of looking after the environment,” he told reporters at Komtar here yesterday.

“We have to derive creative solutions to meet the needs and concerns of the community,” he said.

To monitor and evaluate the success of the initiative, Chow said four key result areas have been set – creating cleaner and greener neighbourhoods, achieving waste minimisation through 3Rs (reduce, reuse and recycle), transforming mindsets towards responsible citizenship and empowering and building community structure for sustainable living.

He added that the public were encouraged to provide suggestions.

The Star’s regional operations manager (north) Chung Chok Yin said the company was more than pleased to participate in the campaign.

“We hope other media companies will also work together for a more sustainable environment,” he said.

The initiative will be launched at the Prangin Canal at 8.30am. The public can provide feedback at its website or call MPPP at 04-263 7637 or MPSP at 04-537

Lim Guan Eng: Najib is leaving Penang out of his development plans

Penang to reward its municipal council staff for keeping the state clean

Penang to see increase in FDI

Latest: Recycle your used mobile phones at The Star offices

Samy Vellu may delay stepping down again

MIC accuses UMNO of planning to topple Samy

As more calls arise for Samy Vellu to step down from MIC, he has now indicated that he may even delay stepping down (present schedule Sept 2011) as accusations fly over UMNO being the hand stirring up the hornet's nest in MIC.

Pakatan in the meantime is hoping for Samy to stay as long as possible as every day he stays in MIC is an additional vote for them!

UMNO is behind the attacks on Samy

Sacked for asking the boss to leave

What goes around, comes around for MIC

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Deal Or No Deal

The RM5 million bribe that didn't work in Sibu

Don't laugh as this could happen to you in the near future.
Imagine this - Your MP suddenly passed away.
As expected there is a call for a by-election to elect a new MP.
Suddenly everyone from parliament arrives in your hometown and promises you heaven and earth. Eventually the Prime Minister himself arrives at your door step and begin promising money to you - if you vote for his "friend".
As a small town village people you cannot imagine why suddenly everyone wants to give money to you.
You cannot understand all that attention but deep in your heart you know that the instant money "promised" will NOT give you an instant improvement in your life.
You reject the offer and suddenly find that everyone soon leaves and everything is normal again. Or is it?

"Not creative enough-la Najib, why not show us a song and dance routine?"

How the Election Commission tried to win for BN

The 2 hours where DAP almost lost it

Karpal: It is blatant bribery

PM Najib is trying to bribe us with OUR money!

Najib lost it when he tried to bribe the Chinese (they have more principles than him, of course)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sibu Election Results

Official results from The Star 10:07:44 pm : DAP wins

Malaysiakini 10:09 pm:

10.09pm: All top DAP leaders are waiting at Wisma Sanyan, where the postal ballots were counted.

Lim Guan Eng tells Malaysiakini that he is worried “something suspicious could be going on” and he hopes that the Election Commission officials can release the Form 15, a document which certifies the final result of the postal ballots.

Should it be true that BN has won the postal votes by a margin of 2,300, then DAP will be declared the winner of the Sibu by-election with a tissue-thin majority of 300 votes.

It is confirmed that Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin has returned to Kuala Lumpur.

There is no movement at the main tally centre in Dewan Suarah in Sibu. The official tally still indicates that 16 boxes, including the postal votes, are yet to be sent to be included in the final result.

9.50pm: DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang questions the hold-up in the Election Commission's announcement of the 2,571 postal ballots.

"The postal ballot counting started at 5.30pm and finished at 8.30pm."

He asks why there is more than an hour delay in the announcement of results.

"Up to some trick?" he wonders aloud.

JR: No doubt Najib doing his worst to prevent a DAP victory

Post Mortem: Malaysians disgusted by Najib's bribes and the Election Commission's underhand tactics to secure a BN win in face of a potential DAP trashing

"If this was India, Najib would be shown the prison for telling the voters that he will sign the cheque only on Monday once they have voted BN. The late Indira Gandhi was jailed for using the government helicopter for election (campaign) trips."
- Ramachandran Muniandy

Joceline Tan: Will Najib take the blame for BN's loss? (Apparently the tide turned to Pakatan AFTER his visit!)

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Will Sibu Teach BN a lesson?

Or are East Malaysians easily bribed?

After decades of neglect by the BN government will Sibu show that East Malaysians can be easily bribed with (no less than) a few million ringgit or will they stand up and show the BN government that they the people are actually the boss.

Will they allow BN to continue with their years of nepotism, racism and hypocrisy or can they just forget about the past and enjoy the money while it last?

Sibu under BN

Will they show BN the door or will they show acceptance to people like Ibrahim Ali, Abdul Taib and Khir Toyo (all very healthy products of BN).

We the people in the peninsula hope they are indeed wise enough and not let BN continue to hold all of us in ransom while they enjoy the spoils of the nation.


Sarawak: A picture of poverty

Money flowing in from the coming election

Results: Get Live Tweets from Jeff Ooi as other websites will be clogged

Latest: Najib and Election Commission trying their best to win on Postal votes on impending DAP victory

Thursday, May 06, 2010

No shortage of UMNO buffoons in this country

Another UMNO MP using racist remarks to gain popularity

Racism reared its ugly head at the Penang legislative assembly sitting when opposition leader Datuk Azhar Ibrahim (BN-Penaga) threatened a repeat of the May 13 riots and accused Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng of being anti-Malay and anti-Muslim.

Azhar IbrahimAzhar said if the Malays were unhappy with the state government's administration, May 13 could recur, adding if the state government had lost confidence in the police, the army should take over and invoke martial law.

He also mentioned "tiga line" which is a Malay triad organisation in a veiled threat against the Pakatan Rakyat (PR) state government, insinuating that the triad group would not hesitate to wage war against the state government.

His actions resulted in an emergency motion being moved to refer him to the Rights and Privileges Committee and the state government also lodged a police report against Azhar for his utterances.

At one point, Azhar even slammed the table repeatedly while debating with Lim on the chief minister's motion of thanks to Tuan Yang Dipertua Negri Tun Abdul Rahman Abbas' speech.

When Lim asked why he was slamming the table, Azhar said: "you are lucky I am not hitting you".

JR: I guess when you run out of issues you can always act like a gangster in UMNO. Typical UMNO racist mentality! We are so GLAD Penang is not ruled by UMNO!!

CM Lim Guan Eng proven right on labour shortage issues

Penang City Council MPPP records first budget surplus after many years of deficits under BN

Thursday, April 29, 2010

MACC to probe Prime Minister for vote buying?

MACC to show they do not fear ruling government

A day after Najib gave a RM3 million check to voters in Hulu Selangor, MACC chief Datuk Abu Kassim Mohamed said: "I am not interpreting the law. Whoever complains about it, we will investigate. If any parties complain, it is our job under the law to look into it. If there is an element of corruption, we will investigate."

Recently however, MACC has shown that it was not even capable of charging the small fish and fries as more of their cases were thrown out by the court. So to charge the PM? Good luck!

JR: What's the difference between giving money before or after you entice someone to do something for you? If this is not corruption, what is??

Niamah: Is RM3 million a carrot or a bribe?

Latest: French investigators arrive in Malaysia to probe Najib's Scorpene deal

Monday, April 26, 2010

Bicycle Tours Around Georgetown

Metrobike provides guided cycling tours in heritage Penang

WANT to explore George Town’s Unesco World Heritage enclave but not keen on driving or walking?

Consider the option of pedalling through the streets of the inner city at a slow pace to fully take in the sights and sounds.

If you don’t have a bicycle, fret not. A company — The Metro Bike — is offering bicycles for rent at a reasonable price.

The eco-friendly bicycle tour company, which started such a service on March 1, has branches located along Komtar Walk and the Tanjung City Marina in Weld Quay. Just look out for the row of bicycles outside its offices.

Its marketing director Ken Khor said the idea came from a group of friends after seeing many tourists walking around to see the inner city.

Location of bicycles for hire | Tours available

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Changing goalposts to prevent voters from voting

Voting stations changed by EC as BN gets desperate to win Hulu Selangor

PKR wants the Election Commission (EC) to explain its contradictory statements on the changing of voting stations of over 14,000 voters in Hulu Selangor, or resign en bloc.

PKR election direction chief Fuziah Salleh made this call on Tuesday, April 20, in reference to the voters in Hulu Selangor whose voting stations had been changed without their knowledge.

Fuziah said that since no re-delineation of the constituency had taken place since 2001, the electorate cannot be reassigned to different voting stations.

"EC officials have been making conflicting statements," she told reporters at the parliament lobby. "The EC chairman said they needed to change the polling stations to reduce overcrowding in some stations, as the EC had to take the comfort of voters into account."

Nightmare for BN and MIC to find a suitable candidate

Samy Vellu forced by UMNO to relinquish his post and his deputy's candidacy

Latest: Desperate Najib starts throwing (our) money at voters in Hulu Selangor

Mkini Forum: Will Hulu Selangor voters be bought by BN or are they smarter than BN?

Najib on the aftermath: "It's called problem solving, not vote buying"

Thursday, April 01, 2010

1Malay first before 1Malaysia

Malaysian DPM acknowledges that 1Malaysia is not for him

The Star yesterday reported that DPM Muhyiddin has responded to DAP adviser Lim Kit Siang’s challenge for him to resign if he refused to admit that he is a Malaysian first and a Malay second as proof that he was in full support of the 1Malaysia concept.

I can't believe this joker played right into LKS hand!!

“I will not bow to his demand. He can repeat it a thousand times. I am a Malay first but I want to say that being a Malay does not mean that you are not a Malaysian,” he told reporters in Parliament yesterday.

“How can I say I am a 1Malaysian first and a Malay second. All Malays will shun me and say it’s not proper as Indians will also say they are Indian first,” he said.

Read more

Malaysians saddened by DPM's racist statement.

Najib agrees not everyone (including his deputy) believes in him

Lim Guan Eng: Muhyiddin has just shown us 1Malaysia is just a big BN farce

We need leaders who put the nation first instead of their race

There goes our RM2.7mil Najib used to spent on building his 1Malaysia

Report: Majority of BN's assemblymen do not support Najib's 1Malaysia

Latest: UMNO to resume hostilities with Gerakan in Penang

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Malays Have Only Themselves To Blame

Almost all of the RM54 billion shares allocated to Bumis are gone - Najib

Bernama has reported that:-
Of the RM54 billion in shares allocated, only RM2 billion worth of shares were left in the hands of Bumiputeras, Najib said. He said the total Bumiputera equity was only 19.4 percent, far from the targeted 30 percent 19 years ago.

Read more

Lim Guan Eng - The government should investigate where the RM52 billion went

Credits to Zorro for this image

Mahathir: Perkasa must continue to fight for more free money for the Malays

Perkasa: Increase Bumi quota to 90:10 (in Malay)

Zorro - Perkosa should go hunt for the missing RM52 billion

Gerakan: Mahathir & Perkasa both racists and disgusting

Aliran: The Malays have only UMNO to blame

Latest: Najib's highly anticipated New Economic Model (NEM) dissapoints many with his lack of information, strategy and innovation

JR: The RM54 billion loss will be quietly covered up by the Malaysian government, thank you for noticing.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Malaysia's High Speed Broadband A Big Letdown

The Star: After all the hype it looks like Malaysians will be cheated again

After the excitement of Telekom Malaysia unveiling UniFi, its high-speed broadband service that offers Internet speeds of up to 20 megabits per second (Mbps), the bubble burst for many consumers here.

Some are disappointed over what they feel are expensive charges for the packages for home users: RM149 for 5Mbps, RM199 for 10Mbps, and RM249 for 20Mbps

In Singapore, a 100Mbps service – which is 5 times the speed of a 20Mbps connection – only costs about RM200.

But the real disappointment is the realisation that the UniFi packages have a cap on the amount of data that can be downloaded.

The consumers bristled when they learned that the 5Mbps service is capped at 60GB of data per month. The 10Mbps service is capped at 90GB while the 20Mbps service has a 120GB cap.

They were even more disappointed to learn that the data download caps are calculated on a daily basis.

Consumers were further horrified to learn that if they exceeded their daily download limit, their high-speed broadband connections would be throttled down to about 10% of the purchased speed.

How come with HSBB in place Streamyx is still crawling??

Telekom Malaysia CEO Datuk Zamzamzairani Mohd Isa said at a press conference to announce the UniFi pricing yesterday that the measures were part of its Fair Usage Policy.

“This policy is a standard industry practice to ensure that all subscribers get to enjoy the same web surfing quality,” he said.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak launched the much hyped UniFi at the Dataran Merdeka in Kuala Lumpur on Wednesday night but it now looks more like a scam for Malaysians already weary about TM's monopoly and their inability to meet even the lowest customer satisfaction requirements for their so-called "broadband".

TM in firefighting mode (so what else is new??)

Broadband only for the rich in Malaysia

You can feed a whole family for a week with what you pay for broadband in Malaysia

Broadband price comparison with Singapore. As usual we get less for more in Najibland

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

China Press punished but Utusan goes scot-free!

Only in 1Malaysia, one can be punished for reporting ACCURATE news!

'The oft-repeated double standards and arrogance exhibited by the Umno regime in dealing with non-Umno parties is demonstrated here again.' - reports

2-week suspension for China Press top editor

Comments from Malaysiakini readers:-

Lim Chong Leong: What is so inaccurate about the report that the inspector-general of police had tendered his resignation. He probably did, and that is why the need for an early reshuffle.

The whole issue is that China Press got the news early before Hishammuddin Hussein made his announcement and that upset him. The Home Ministry does not care about China Press. When the truth is reported, journalists often get punished. See what happened to the Ahmad Ismail episode?

Doc: I don't see why the editor-in-chief Teoh Yong Khoon needs to be suspended. Firstly, his newspaper reported fairly accurate news on the IGP's resignation/termination. Only in Malaysia can the media be penalised for printing accurate news.

Then again what about those seditious and false articles which has be spun from Utusan Malaysia? Not even a slap on the wrist was afforded for their editors for the rubbish that they produced.

Let's face it, the suspension of the editor by the management of China Press is a 'face saving' measure so that the home minister does not look like a bungling imbecile.

Not confused: What really is the problem with this incompetent and racist government? The story was true for heaven's sake - the press just got wind of it and spoiled the "dramatic" announcement planned by Hishammuddin.

Of course, China Press had to take some disciplinary action, or face the possibility of the home minister revoking their licence. This whole incident is an exercise in stupidity of the highest order. The only positive outcome is that the BN have just lost another batch of voters at the next GE (general election).

Ric: Hishammuddin is the one who should apologise and suspended. Anyway, I'm glad he acted the way he did. It will definitely help to swing more Chinese votes towards Pakatan Rakyat.

Kementerian Luar Negeri: As an Umno loyalist, I totally disagree with the suspension of editor-in-chief of China Press. He did not commit any crime. He was just reporting something which is true before the KDN (Home Ministry) made its announcement. Next time, KDN should be a step ahead than the media.

Alexander Yuan: This is a joke. If Teoh gets suspended two weeks for publishing an 'inaccurate report', what about those racist columnists of Berita Harian and Utusan Malaysia (aka Awang Selamat and Ridhuan Tee Abdullah)?

What they 'publish' almost every single day is 100 times worse than this. Why no action against them? Are you doing your job, Home Minister, or you just 'close one eye' when it comes to Utusan and Berita Harian?

Jbss: The oft-repeated double standards and arrogance exhibited by the Umno regime in dealing with non-Umno parties is demonstrated here again. This a classic example of the regime's bullying tactics against a non-Umno media publisher just to save Hishammuddin face.

RR: If the BN government is really fair and sincere on the IGP issue, then it should advise Utusan and Berita Harian to take similar action on the writers for writing sensitive issues affecting the non-Malays on many occasions. What is wrong for one should be wrong for the others as well.

Geronimo: To China Press - if you feel intimidated by Umno, it's better you close shop. To all those who support freedom of the press, boycott the newspaper. This is truly a blatant act of double standard where Utusan is having a free rein on publishing seditious comments and not have to "pay" for it.

Nil: China Press' explanation has been accepted and no action will be taken... so why the need for the suspension as demanded by the Home Ministry? I just hope there will be a promotion after the suspension.

Cala: What is the message from China Press' miss-step? We now have two sets of law. The lenient one is for the ruling elites and their cohorts, while the harsh one is meant for the rest of us as we are deemed less cooperative in many ways, and given a chance, bent to teach the executive a lesson or two on what is right and what is wrong. This is rule by men.

Gk: This news comes as no surprise to me at all. Everything can be arranged behind closed door to save somebody's face. Editor Teoh is just a sacrificial lamb for this face-saving exercise. With their kind of 'tuan' mentality, it is not difficult to imagine what had actually happened.

I think we are used to these 'face saving' measures. Their faces are more precious than their dignities. They like to 'look good' but in actual fact, how good are they? GE13 will have the answer, rakyat are not fools.

Amaso: China Press, maybe the management should consider selling a controlling stake to BN component parties, then you will be safe like Utusan Malaysia.

China Press says sorry for telling the truth

Friday, March 05, 2010

Najib Using Police to Harass Penang's CM

Failing to entice more PKR assemblymen to jump over to BN, Najib is now using the police to harass Penang's Chief Minister

The police have recorded statements from Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng and three other state assemblymen for allegedly organising an illegal assembly and making seditious statements.

Police arrived at Lim’s office in Komtar at noon on Thursday to take the statements from him and PKR assemblymen S. Raveen Tharan (Batu Uban), Sim Tze Tzin (Pantai Jerejak) and Jason Ong (Kebun Bunga).

Seri Delima assemblyman R.S.N. Rayer, who is the group’s legal counsel, was present during the 40-minute questioning.

When the officers arrived, some 20 of the politicians’ personal assistants and staff held up banners with the words “stop harassing Pakatan Rakyat leaders.”

Rayer said the police were investigating 12 reports lodged against 10 Pakatan leaders.

Read more

Malaysiakini reports

Zaid Ibrahim: Najib power-crazy in trying to poach PKR members

PKR cannot match Najib's deep pockets

Aliran: UMNO the most corrupt institution in this country

The Star: UMNO Youth chicken out from debate with PKR on Penang Malay issues

Latest: Rizal Faris Mohidden Abdul Kader in a tussle for power for the post of Penang Malay Chamber of Commerce's president

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Blatant but feeble attempts to tarnish the image of Penang

Some people will go all the way (publish in The Star, The Sun and Malaysiakini) to put Penang in a bad light.

First there was this Calvin Sankaran, now another (?) person by the name of Raman Nair is again trying to blame everything bad about Penang on CM Lim Guan Eng. Is all that is bad in Penang the CM's responsibility? Where was this Calvin and Raman during Koh Tsu Koon's era - were we in a state of eternal bliss then?

Being a person from Penang (unlike Calvin and now Raman) I can certainly state that there has been much improvement (although more can still be done) in Penang since March 2008, but I would like to allow other writers to give their point of view. Here are two:

I refer to the letter Penang must arrest this alarming decline. As a citizen journalist and a Penangite who loves my island, I wish to point out some of the things that the writer mentioned in his letter. Being a citizen journalist, it is my habit to observe and report on things on the ground.

Firstly, I found that the same writer has written the same letter to The Star and The Sun (and also in Malaysiakini - JR) in January. Obviously, he is still sore from the 'supposed nightmares' he encountered in Penang after two months. A blogger had posted these two letters on his blog and claimed it as a blatant attempt to discredit the Penang government by BN/Umno.

I shall not dwell into the political side of things. But I can provide my own observations:

Read more from Lilian

I write in response to the letter titled Penang must arrest this alarming decline.

I find the writer's account of his visit to Penang rather strange. My recent experience in Penang was totally different. I am currently living in Selangor and my family and I were in Penang during the Chinese New Year.

Upon our arrival at the airport via a Firefly flight on Feb 13, (Chinese New Year eve), I did not recall seeing 'images of Lim Guan Eng everywhere'. I do not recall seeing 'huge billboards' and promotional videos of him.

What I do recall is an airport that is running smoothly, baggage delivered within a reasonable time frame but also an airport that is congested and badly in need of expansion. I remembered wondering to myself why Malaysia Airports is not doing something about this.

As we walked out of the arrival lounge and into my brother's car and as the car pulled out of the driveway, I remembered seeing Rapid Penang buses! Yes, Rapid Penang buses are running services to the Penang International Airport. The next day, I was at the airport again, this time to pick up another brother of mine arriving from Singapore.

As I sat in the car waiting, I could see Rapid Penang buses delivering passengers by the busloads to the airport with stunning frequency. I could not recall such an efficient and frequent bus service to the airport before. Things have certainly improved in Penang.

Read more from GH Kok

It is sad that The Star which used to be "The People's Paper" now seems more interested to publish letters slighting Penang instead of promoting the state where it was born in. Sad, but true...

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Penang enjoying a new tourism boom

Penang is definitley enjoying a resurgence in tourist arrivals this year. The majestic Queen Mary 2 (QM2) recently sailed into town and berthed for the first time at the Penang Swettenham Pier International Cruise Terminal.

Hundreds of curious locals and tourists gathered to admire the beautiful lines of the massive luxury ocean liner making her maiden port call at the pier as part of her 2010 Royal Route of Exploration world cruise.

Queen Mary 2 in Penang

The 119-year-old historic Kek Lok Si Temple in Air Itam has earned three entries in the Malaysia Book of Records.

The three entries are for the tallest pavilion at 89.23m, the tallest bronze Goddess of Mercy (Kuan Yin) statue at 33.67m, and the tallest granite pillars at 42.24m.

Kek Lok Si Temple

Watch it all lighted up from afar (you can see it all the way from Jalan Dato Keramat) this Chinese New Year as it is going to be a sight to behold.

Light Street is also all aglow with LED lights manufactured in Penang! THE main tourist spots in George Town, Penang, have been transformed into a fairytale land with LED lights and decorations put up at various streets to usher in Chinese New Year.

More than 500 strings of LED lights adorn 30 trees along the Light Street while an additional 100 strings of LED lights will be used to decorate Gurney Drive, Jalan Mesjid Kapitan Keling (Street of Harmony) and the Chew Jetty.

State Tourism Development and Culture Committee chairman Danny Law said the God of Prosperity figurine and love cupids would also be part of the street decorations along walkways of Light Street and Esplanade as the state prepares to make Penang on equal par with Hong Kong and Singapore in terms of night lighting.

More night images of Penang here and here

And if you are looking for a place to stay in Penang check out the new Hard Rock Hotel in Batu Feringghi:

Hard Rock Hotel Penang

Finally, say goodbye to one of Penang's grandest icon - the Penang Hill funicular train, which will stop its current service for extensive upgrading.

The last train ride leaves at 8.30pm on 21 Feb 2010

JR: Be prepared though for massive traffic jams during CNY in Penang. Me? I am outa here!

Friday, February 05, 2010

Sodomy 2.0 is released!

Malaysian PM Najib begins his sideshow to distract Malaysians from his own incompetent government

SLINGING mud at opponents is a staple of most democracies, even if voters might prefer a more sensible debate. In Malaysia, a prudish, majority-Muslim country, it seems that nothing succeeds quite like below-the-belt personal attacks. For Anwar Ibrahim, the opposition leader and former deputy prime minister, who went on trial this week accused of sodomising a young male aide, the tactic is wearily familiar. In 1998 he was charged with the same crime, found guilty and jailed. Exonerated and freed, he has staged a comeback that another conviction might jeopardise.

Much has changed in Malaysia since Mr Anwar last took the stand. His nemesis, the country’s longest-serving prime minister, Mahathir Mohamad, who presided over his downfall, has retired, if not exactly gracefully or quietly. The once-mighty United Malays National Organisation (UMNO), which leads a 13-party multiracial governing coalition, looks increasingly vulnerable at a future election. A judiciary that was seen as beholden to its political masters has begun to assert its independence, and has sided with free-speech plaintiffs in prickly faith-related cases.

"Shall we do it again for the benefit of the audience?"

That independence will be put to the test in “Sodomy 2.0”, as Malaysia’s press has taken to calling Mr Anwar’s trial. His lawyers have pressed for the disclosure of prosecution evidence, including medical reports of the accuser, Saiful Bukhari. He told the court on February 3rd that Mr Anwar coerced him into having sex, which would be illegal in Malaysia and punishable by up to 20 years in jail. Mr Saiful worked briefly for Mr Anwar in 2008, when he was 23. During the same period, he was seen with aides of Najib Razak, then deputy prime minister and prime minister since last April. Mr Anwar accuses Mr Najib and his wife of a conspiracy to frame him and says they should testify. Mr Najib insists he has nothing to do with the case.

UMNO has been scheming to weaken the opposition, which won five out of 13 states in March 2008 elections that stunned the ruling coalition. Last year it seized back one of those states, Perak, by luring defectors. Then it tried, in vain, to peel off an Islamic party in Mr Anwar’s alliance. An anti-corruption agency has been mobilised to dig opposition dirt, with disastrous results in the case of Teoh Beng Hock, a political aide who died last July after falling out of a window while in the agency’s custody.

Mr Anwar’s trial is a much more potent weapon for UMNO, both as a blot on the opposition leader’s image and a distraction from his politicking. UMNO-owned media will harp on the sordid details, just as they did in the first trial when a semen-stained mattress was hauled into court. The blogosphere, however, where young Malaysians get their news, may not be easily impressed. Nor, it seems, will foreign investors, whom Mr Najib is desperate to attract with promises of a more open and less UMNO-dominated economy. His government’s image is already dented by corruption scandals, including a multibillion dollar project at Port Klang that has been dogged by accusations of mismanagement and cronyism. Some Malaysians may be wondering why such matters seem to generate less heat than Mr Anwar’s alleged transgressions.

- The Economist

I was angry and I refused... but then I figured, what the hell?

What really happened between Saiful and Anwar

Don't let Mr 1Malaysia distract us from the real problems

First he lost our jet engines, then he lost our FDIs, now it looks like Najib is also losing our military secrets!

Latest: Judge in Anwar's case biased and siding with Utusan Malaysia, a pro government publication

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

1Malaysia is all about reminding us of our "pendatang" status

1Malaysia used as a platform to push Najib's hidden agenda

It is not surprising now why many were suspicious about Najib's 1Malaysia agenda as it is now clear what UMNO is trying to do now that BTN has been "disbanded" (before they were exposed!):

1Malaysia is not meant for you ...

Nasir Safar (definitely a product of our much lauded BTN), Najib's aide of 20-years now again reminds us that:

* Indians and Chinese in Malaysia are “pendatang”

* “Indians came to Malaysia as beggars and Chinese especially the women came to sell their bodies (jual tubuh)”

* Umno was solely responsible in drafting the constitution sidelining the contribution of MCA and MIC

* Citizenship of those vocal about the subject cap for SPM examination will be revoked.

No surprises here knowing the history of UMNO. The only people who can feign surprise are as usual MIC and MCA.

What the mainstream papers never reported

Does Najib's silence means consent?

No apology from Najib - MIC and MCA plays deaf and dumb (definitely playing their role very well as 1Malaysia stooges!)

NST, Utusan and Star in all out combined attack mode against PKR and Pakatan

Thursday, January 28, 2010

First a cow-head, now a pig head

What has all these got to do with religion?

KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 27 —Pig heads were found at two mosques this morning, the latest in a series of attacks and acts of vandalism on places of worship following the “Allah” controversy.

Mosque officials found what appeared to be two wild boar heads wrapped in plastic bags and surrounded with Ringgit notes around 5.30 am this morning in Masjid Jumhuriyah in Taman Dato Harun and the Al- Imam Tirmizi mosque at Taman Sri Sentosa.

The heads of the wild boars could be construed as attempts to escalate unrest between Muslims and non-Muslims as pigs are considered unclean in Islam and therefore their presence in the mosques, an act of desecration.

PKR vice-president Sivarasa Rasiah who visited both mosques said it looked to him like an organised operation that was an attempt to incite racial tension.

“I am not surprised if the same group that did this is the same group that attacked the churches. This group clearly has political motivations,” he told The Malaysian Insider.

Read more

Church arsonists probably from UMNO

Malaysian Christians are asking for it

Why no action on Al-Islam?

Christians have ulterior motives

JR: So many names to choose, why they have to choose that one??

On the lighter side: Is pork better than Viagra?

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission seen as a Mickey Mouse club

Najib seen as weak in implementing anti-corruption measures in Malaysia

MACC has again been taken to task for not taking any action on Najib's own UMNO members even with overwhelming evidence in their face. Their Mickey Mouse hearted response to corruption was today made known to the public when PKR members protested again to remind them on their lack of action in the case of ex-Selangor MB Khir Toyo's corruption investigation.

Mickey's fan club arriving at MACC

In another report in the WSJ Najib was also portrayed as taking a very weak stance against Islamic extremists in Malaysia as compared to Anwar Ibrahim on the "Allah" issue. Their back to back articles showed that Najib has fallen behind in his words to unite the Malaysian people by not taking a hard stance against Muslim fundamentalists, Joceline Tan reports.

Another Mickey Mouse?? - Malaysian AG still unwilling to prosecute VK Lingam