Sunday, December 30, 2012

Najib is BN's biggest liability

BN will crash in the next election if Najib is not removed

As Najib's rhetoric goes into overdrive there seems to be little he can do to overcome the damage to his image as accusations of corruption continue to pile on him like an overturned manure truck. Outright accusations are not even replied as the nation's government agencies work overtime to cover his ass. And as the people stop listening to the state's media it seems like only a miracle (and Rosmah is working hard on it) will save him from a fate similar to the ex-leaders of the Arab spring countries. Not even Najib can stand in the way of Dr M and his billions which he will use to do whatever he can to prevent Anwar from being the next PM and therefore bringing an end to his empire.

Both UMNO and Najib will perish

Overthrowing Najib will boosts people's confidence in BN as a last ditch effort

The Carpetbagger and his unpaid dues

The shit hits the roof in the Defence Ministry

Where is the law in Najib's Malaysia?

See how well BN plunders the nation

How Dr M will use Najib and dispose of him

Credits to Hornbill Unleashed
UMNO struggles with in-fighting and backstabbers

Joceline Tan: Chua Soi Lek's "erection" getting stronger and is ready to "stimulate" the economy

Straits Times: Najib can't find his winnable candidates

Asia Sentinel: Najib's response? A guilty silence

BN's success story: Malaysia is now tops in corruption

The truth revealed: Malaysian newspapers have no time to tell the truth

Latest Release: Deepak's The Black Rose 1.0

Latest News: Najib's stroke revelation

Sydney Morning Herald: Malaysian PM in murder and bribery scandal

Sunday, December 02, 2012

Has Najib found the courage to call for an election?

Still looking to Dr M for the signal which is not coming

After holding the UMNO's general assembly looks like Najib has still not the courage to call for an election and will be sitting pretty enjoying his last moments in office as long as he possibly can. With all his blundering officials at his side it is no surprise UMNO intends to hold on to its position as long as possible and to squeeze as much profit as possible from the nation before its time ends. Even as Dr M cried all is clear they have a lot to lose in the coming election.

Najib: My popularity is waning each minute Dr M delays the election

Joceline Tan: The people want change even if it means PAS at the helm

Joceline Tan: UMNO cries as delegates fear losing their rice bowls

Malaysiakini: UMNO fears sabotage from within 

Lim Kit Siang: Najib needs to answer never ending accusations of his own corruption

Malaysiakini: UMNO continues its plunder

Kee Thuan Chye: UMNO's comedy of errors

Dr M: We still have the monopoly on cheating as the opposition knows nuts

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Najib is so weak everyone wants his seat

DPM Muhyiddin watches in glee as Najib loses more hair

Malaysians everywhere are all waiting anxiously to see if Najib will be the first Malaysian PM to lose his parliamentary seat in the coming election. Politicians from every corner have suddenly found new courage in this coming election to seek to claim the biggest prize for themselves.

Zaid Ibrahim: Najib is easy pickings as he represents all that is wrong in Malaysia

Tuan Hadi: Najib will lose even to me

Joceline Tan: Najib is now afraid of his own shadow

Meanwhile, someone is making hay while the sun shines...

Mahathir: I instructed Petronas to give more deals to my children

Thursday, November 01, 2012

Malaysian Minister's son receives luxury car as payment

Minister Nazri does not deny son given Hummer by timber baron

Malaysia's Minister in Prime Minister Department today acknowledged that his son is/has/had been driving a Hummer SUV given to him by a timber tycoon. A minister under the ruling BN party, his party was recently rattled with allegations of massive corruption when they could not answer how the party has/has not received RM 40 million from a timber tycoon in Sabah and also Nazri's reluctance to investigate the matter.

The minister however was proud to proclaim his immense wealth and ability to upkeep his son's high maintenance costs without a blink of an eye as typical of most of the ministers in Malaysia's BN party.

"Any gifts to my son cannot be considered a bribe"

Clear evidence  of link between Nazri and Chia

More evidence of Nazri being involved with Chia

Nazri not a bit worried by MACC whom will not investigate their boss 

The Edge: Rafizi reveals damaging links between Nazri and timber tycoon

Nazri: "I am still not as bad as NFC's Shahrizat"

LKS: Nazri is BN's next NFC scandal

A look at the timber mafia in Malaysia

Another BN minister lets terrorists roam freely in Malaysia while busy rounding up NGOs

Sunday, October 07, 2012

There is NO corruption in Malaysia

The definition of corruption in Malaysia has taken new meanings as ruling coalition BN now deems that corruption can only happen to people from the Opposition and the ordinary laymen. Recent allegations of corrupt practices by the Melaka Chief Minister were laughed off by the Home Minister as something normal for people in BN so they should not be charged.

Ali Rustam

BBC : Lavish Malay wedding of Malacca's Chief Minister's son triggers worldwide attention on corruption in Malaysia

Hishammuddin: It is OK as it is not corruption since we are the ruling coalition

Hishammuddin: We only investigate people who accuse us of corruption

AsiaOne: "Of course I can afford it, also I had many sponsors" 

MACC: We prefer to investigate the Selangor government which is under the Opposition

MC: Mega banquets of Malaysian ministers a norm in BN

And on the same day look what Hong Kong's Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC), Daniel Li Ming-chak said at the 6th Annual Conference and General Meeting of the International Association of Anti-Corruption Authorities (IAACA) in Kuala Lumpur:

ICAC: "These officials could still be charged in court for public misconduct abuse of power by public officials whether for personal or any other gain."

Latest: UMNO's hush-hush RM40 million payment to Musa Aman

Thursday, October 04, 2012

Invertebrate PM runs away from parliamentary debate

Najib failed to turn up for budget debate in parliament

After dishing out his predictably last election budget Najib realized no one is fooled and refuses to attend parliamentary debate on the 2013 Malaysian budget much to the consternation of his deputies who are clueless and assigned to fend off questions from the MPs.

Najib however has found enough courage to debate from behind a computer with selected youths after promising them a RM200 rebate for buying smartphones.
Latest: Najib's Google Hangout ends in disaster!

Najib's all bark and no bite show

Terence Netto: Malaysian PM can talk but cannot defend himself

Azmi Sharom: What kind of PM we have if he is not willing to answer in parliament

The Star: Najib to praise himself on social network for smartphone rebate 

Eli Wong: Najib is not fit even to be Women's Affairs Minister!

Latest: Najib, the premier procrastinator

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Ukiyo-e Exhibition at the Penang Museum

Ukiyo-e (浮世絵) “pictures of the floating world”, is general term for a genre of Japanese woodblock prints produced between the 17th and the 20th century, featuring motifs of landscapes, the theatre and pleasure quarters. Ukiyo, meaning floating world, refers to the impetuous young culture that bloomed in the urban centers of Edo (modern-day Tokyo), Osaka and Kyoto that were a world unto themselves. It is an ironic allusion to the homophone term “sorrowful world”, the earthly plane of death and rebirth from which Buddhists sought release.

The famous "Big Wave" by Hokusai

This Ukiyo-e set consists of 75 works by distinguished 7 artists such as Katsushika Hokusai, Utagawa Hiroshige, Tosyusai Syaraku and Kitagawa Utamaro. Ukiyo-e prints by artists like Tosyusai Syaraku and Kitagawa Utamaro were in fact posters, advertising theater performances and brothels, or idol portraits of popular actors and beautiful teahouse girls.

This exhibition started in August 1 and will end on September 25.

Check Penang Museum opening hours here

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Malaysians now realize many of them are gay!

Education Ministry releases guide on how to know if you are gay

The Education Ministry recently held a seminar in Penang to help educators identify gay students. The event, billed as “Parenting in addressing the issue of LGBTs (lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgenders)”, was officiated by Deputy Education Minister Mohd Puad Zarkashi.

Malaysians today suddenly realize that half the population now must be gay if the following guidelines by our esteemed Education Minister (who recently launched the Education Blueprint) are to be believed:

For men you are gay if:

1. You have a muscular body and a fondness for showing off the body by wearing clothing, such as by wearing V-necks and sleeveless tops

2. A preference for tight and bright coloured clothes

3. An inclination to be attracted to men

4. A tendency to carry big handbags, similar to the kinds used by women

And you must be a lesbian if:

1. You are showing attraction to women

2. Distancing yourselves from men besides your girlfriends

3. You like to hang out, sleep and dine with other women

4. No feelings for men

Read more

Reuters: Malaysia offers "spot-the-gay-kid" seminars

The Guardian: Malaysian politicians gone bonkers

"For a long time I thought I was gay, but now I know I am straight as I don't wear V-neck and definitely do not carry any handbags!" - Reader

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Will & Kate slated to view Sabah's illegal logging activities

It was to be a highlight of their official Diamond Jubilee tour on behalf of the Queen, a trip deep into the heart of Borneo to see one of its last areas of virgin rainforest.

In doing so, however, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, whose nine-day tour of Asia and the South Pacific starts today, are being propelled into the first diplomatic row of their fledging royal careers.

A week ago the politician ‘hosting’ their visit, the chief minister of Sabah, was implicated by Swiss authorities in a criminal investigation into alleged laundering of $100million (£62million) in profits from illegal logging.

Environmental groups had alleged that Swiss bank UBS handled vast sums for the region’s top politician, Musa Aman. The chief minister has been instrumental in helping to arrange William and Kate’s trip and he is almost certain to welcome them on Friday.

The issue over Mr Musa is headline news in Malaysia and last week prompted a demonstration outside St James’s Palace calling on the couple to boycott the meeting. UBS is co-operating with investigators, but insists it has operated within the law, which requires it to report any money it suspects comes from criminal origins.

Opposition politicians called on the royals to reconsider the meeting. One, Jeffrey Kitingan, said: ‘We urge William and Catherine to avoid meeting Musa as it will give the wrong message to the world.’

Sarawak Report: Sabah's wheeling and dealing CM

Daily Mail: Will & Kate's illegal logging tour

Guardian: Will & Kate's to learn about corruption in Malaysia

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

EPF to the rescue!

Finance 101: How to make use of the public's money

The Employers Provident Fund (EPF) has been accumulating shares of Felda Global Ventures Holdings (FGVH) even as shares of the plantation giant sank to a new low yesterday, closing at RM4.68 a share or just 13 sen above its issuing price.

According to filings with Bursa Malaysia, the country's largest pension fund's stake in FGVH have increased 5.4 per cent since September 3, the day before FGVH plunged below the RM5 mark.

The pension fund also recently spent RM2.4 billion to take over the Rubber Research Institute (RRI) land in Sungai Buloh that will be turned into a township. It is mandatory for private sector workers to contribute to the fund, which is managed by representatives from the government and unions.

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Even UMNO is fed up of Najib

DPM Muhyiddin ready to challenge Najib

Cracks are showing in UMNO as DPM Muhyiddin is now openly challenging PM Najib who was never officially elected as the president. Posters of Muhyiddin as the next PM is being openly displayed in his home state Johor as PM Najib comes under increasing attack from UMNO for foolishly delaying the general election. It is an open secret now that Muhyiddin is even hoping to replace Najib even before the elections begin.

Malaysiakini: Muhyiddin posters up in Johor

UMNO Johor: Muhyiddin will make a better PM

Nazri: Najib is stupid to propose elections in November

FMT: BN is losing the battle the longer Najib waits

Latest: Muhyiddin is planning Najib's exit

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Is Pakatan already ruling Malaysia? Mahathir calls for CHANGE

Pakatan dictating the terms for a weakened Najib

Recent reports on the mainstream media would have given the public the perception that Pakatan is already ruling Malaysia. First it was the call for the RCI on Sabah which was immediately accepted by Najib and then followed by the call to reduce taxes on cars which was also immediately "copied" by BN. Najib has been totally left out of the loop like used fodder as Rosmah (Najib's advisor) runs out of ideas (or was it ran away to do her shopping?) and Najib himself runs out of favor with Dr M.

This has even led to Dr M refering to Najib as the "devil" and pleading for Malaysians to CHANGE and to elect the "angel" Anwar instead! Of course, none of Najib's lieutenants were of much help, particularly his home minister Hishamuddin whom recently declared that for the first time (since Independence) he has just realised that he was supposed to be in charge of reducing crime in Malaysia! Poor sod didn't even realise that he had been fed with manipulated crime data to make him feel good since the day he was elected!

Even The Star was not optimistic of a BN win anymore with Joceline Tan gushing about how unassailable DAP's position is in Penang. Of course BN was not without their usual childish pranks e.g. coming out with their "own version" of Lim Guan Eng's book, which unsurprisingly made its "bastardized" debut in Johor, the home state of MCA's first porn actor cum president. And that was after getting an unknown imam to declare DAP as "haram" for a RM 2 million donation and using FB to declare Malaysia as a Christian nation!

Dr M: Najib is the "devil" and Malaysians are better of with the "angel" Anwar

Hishamuddin: Crime is bad only if you think it is, it's all in your perception (nothing bad has ever happened to me before)

Hishamuddin: Don't blame me, I didn't know the data was fake

MC: Dr M is already preparing his exit strategy

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Vote Pakatan For Cheaper Cars

Malaysians now have a chance to kill off the blood sucking, BN enriching Proton

Pakatan Rakyat has pledged to the people that they will abolish excise duty on cars to reduce household debt and increase disposable income for Malaysians.

Malaysians are now prematurely rejoicing after having suffered for years after Dr M started his Proton project to impoverish the nation by introducing additional taxes for all cars (except Proton) to satisfy his egotistical ambitions and to enrich his cronies at the same time.

Rafizi: Pakatan pledges to slash car prices in Malaysia

KJ (Oxford graduate, and back from the dead): Proton will die!! Hooray!!

Friday, July 20, 2012

MCA clueless on how to win votes

DPM Muhyiddin advises "uneducated" MCA to read "Art of War"

DPM Muhyiddin can't really be blamed if he has no more respect for MCA. After a dismal performance by Chua Soi Lek during his debate with Lim Guan Eng and the embarrassing "exposes" by Chua Jr which only managed to espose MCA 's own failings, Muhyiddin is now convinced MCA does not even understand their Chinese voters (which MCA allegedly represents) anymore.

"Sun Tzu, who??"

And if that is not enough dirt on them, Dr M has even come out to say that MCA's TAR college diplomas are worthless and that the college is just for MCA to win votes.

(Ouch!! The truth hurts!)

(Learn from DAP!)

(How long can they stand being a slave to UMNO?)

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

MCA truly dead after Debate 2.0

DAP's Lim Guan Eng vs MCA's Chua Soi Lek leaves MCA lifeless

There was no surprise that LGE could speak well, definitely much better than the mumbling CSL but many did not expect LGE to deliver the killer blow to MCA, and in public as well. MCA should be somewhat consoled by the fact that the debate was not transmitted "live" to all Malaysians as it would be thoroughly embarrassing to watch MCA in its weakest moments before it was disposed of by mere words from LGE.

"MCA is not qualified to be here to discuss about policies because MCA does not decide, it is UMNO that decides. MCA claims to speak only for the Chinese, and yet only the Chinese in the Peninsula, and not the Chinese in Sabah and Sarawak. This is different from the DAP, that wants to speak for all Malaysians. DAP mahu bersuara untuk semua orang Malaysia: Melayu, Cina, India, Kadazan dan Iban, kerana kita semua rakyat Malaysia, bukan macam MCA, yang kononnya mahu mewakili orang Cina sahaja."

It is not surprising that after the debate CSL was left to fend himself off by spamming tweets for hours, Ng Yen Yen came hopping mad (from Australia) and Liow Tiong Lai had to put off the burning flames at TAR College.

Sad, pathetic, but you have just watched the death of MCA.

Friday, July 06, 2012

Rafizi Ramli - The New Hero of Malaysia

And also UMNO's Enemy No.1

He has single-handedly exposed the NFC scandal and showed Shahrizat the door and now he is doing his best to expose Najib's Ampang LRT scandal. Malaysians everywhere are supporting him and providing him the moral support while Najib is trying his best to close everything up including using the police and MACC to shut him up.

Even MCA is trying "to do a Rafizi" on Selangor PKR but has admitted they are not smart enough. Dr M is also wishing he has the likes of Rafizi in UMNO while admitting UMNO does not have the brains anymore and will therefore use racial issues and Perkasa to fan the flames of racism to garner whatever scraps of support there is left out there for UMNO.

BN has ultimately failed to realise that Malaysians are now smart enough to see through their gutter politics and their lack of intelligence in almost everything as in how they blundered the NFC cash cow project, made a mega screwup on the Talam issue and how they unashamedly tried to pit Guan Eng against his wife.

Everything is quiet now on the BN front as Najib tries to wrangle himself out of the LRT pit he constructed for himself while MCA tries to find someone "more educated" and MIC is still trying to grab the last few university places for their community. UMNO? Well they will just let Perkasa do their dirty work for them since Dr M has already mentioned they have no brains left.

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

MCA's pathetic accusations

Malaysians of Chinese origin utterly disgusted by MCA's latest antics

What do you do when you don't know what else to do to drum up support for your sinking party? Why, accuse everyone else of having problems too! This is what MCA is up to recently as it can't find anything else to get Chinese support and is under immense pressure from BN to do so. Well if anything, MCA has shown that they can be as good in gutter politics as UMNO after learning very well from their UMNO masters. And they definitely have HIGH moral standards as can be seen on their president's infamous video.

"Aiyaa why must you be ashamed? I got video some more you know?"

Chua Jr (trying to be the next Rafizi): "I think Selangor MB is corrupt but I am not sure..."

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Najib hit by another bombshell

Government documents shows Najib's hand in RM 1 billion tender award

After having been hit by a Scorpene's "torpedoe", Najib who hasn't even recovered yet is now being hit by another bombshell. PKR's strategy director Rafizi Ramli has today released government documents proving Najib has interfered in the award of the RM1 billion Ampang Line LRT extension project.

It looks like BN has no choice now but to find a a new leader for the impending general election as otherwise Najib will drag the whole BN into a Titanic scale sinking. Don't expect Najib to answer these accusations though - he still hasn't figured out how to cover up for his good friend Razak Baginda and he has a lot to answer for the Malaysian public.

Read the first episode

Watch the video

Good news for a good friend - George Kent

Asia Sentinel: Najib's Scorpene scandal could not have happened without Dr M knowing

The 133 official documents uploaded onto Asia Sentinel are from the Directorate-General of the French National Police and the Judicial Police Directorate’s anti-organized and financial crimes unit. They were presented to a French anti-corruption court in May and June of 2011. Taken together, they present –in French – the clearest picture to date of the two-decade campaign by the French state-owned defense manufacturer DCN and its subsidiaries to sell Scorpene submarines to the Malaysian Ministry of Defense.

Read the damning documents from Asia Sentinel

Defence Minister's pathetic reply on scandal begets more questions

Najib's minister calls for Ambiga to hang for creating problems for Najib

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Najib gets torpedoed by Scorpene

Graft allegations might make Najib delay elections forever

If we were even as democratic as Pakistan Najib's life as a PM would have been over. But in Bolehland you can still be accused of corruption and still continue your life as the prime minister. No surprise actually since the government is just as corrupt as he is.

Najib to delay election as he tries to save his sinking ship after a direct hit from Scorpene

Prime witness to testify in French court as Malaysian AG refuses to investigate Najib

Najib's confidante Razak Baginda accused of treason

Investigations began to link money trail to Najib

Malaysian human rights body SUARAM determined to pin Najib

Latest evidences and documents on Scorpene scandal (French required)

Document D00087 shows that Najib demanded a US$1 billion “condition” for Perimekar Sdn Bhd’s “stay in France.”

Reuters: Confidential Malaysian navy document sold to DCNS by Razak Baginda

Latest: Canada puts Najib in the same league as Hun Sen and Milosevic! Bravo!

Sabah CM in shocking graft allegation

Millions of Sabahan money channeled to Swiss Bank Account

I wonder why we keep reading about Penang CM on almost every page and every day in The Star but all this while Sabah's CM has been quietly channeling Sabahan money out to a Swiss bank account. It seems our government's media are only interested in Opposition CMs but if you belong to BN it is completely OK to be involved in corruption as you will not get prosecuted and the papers also won't write about you! Now you know why we only read about clean PR politicians but the dirty politicians from BN are never revealed by the BN controlled media.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

No respect for MCA from Muhyiddin

Muhyiddin takes MCA for a ride

And we thought only the Chinese dislikes MCA. DPM Muhyiddin also has no respect for them as he changes his mind on Chinese independent schools in Johor. One day he says no, next day he says yes. And MCA (and MIC) follows him around like a goat waiting to be fed scraps.

"Can I have a condo too?"

"Can I go to university too?"

Muhyiddin does a U-turn on MCA

Monday, June 11, 2012

Najib's reputation hits new lows

Malaysia's "reformist" PM seeks to prosecute protesters

Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak appears determined to give himself a political black eye.

On June 13, government prosecutors will haul into court 10 leaders of Bersih, a coalition of civil society groups campaigning to clean up the country’s corrupt elections commission. The government is demanding damages for destruction to public property during a clash between Bersih demonstrators and police in Kuala Lumpur on April 28. At least 100,000 people marched for clean elections in the Malaysian capital that day, while tens of thousands more joined protests in 11 other cities across the country and 80 cities around the world.

Whether or not the government wins compensation in court, however, no amount of money will undo the damage it is inflicting upon its own reputation by pursuing the case.

Keenly aware of the escalating problems, Najib has tried to present himself as a reformer. The steps he has taken so far, however, haven’t done much to improve BN’s image as increasingly corrupt, ill-equipped to deal with global economic complexities and out of touch with the aspirations of significant segments of the population.

In 2008, BN was shocked when opposition parties captured five of the country’s 13 states in national elections—the worst showing in the coalition’s history. If voters are more dissatisfied now, they are also more frustrated: few can see how real change can be achieved as long as the BN controls access to the media and elections continue to be riddled with irregularities.

Najib’s attempts at reform “ring hollow when the electoral system remains flawed,” Datuk Ambiga Sreenavasan, Bersih chairperson one of the defendants in the case brought by the government, tells TIME. “The stark reality is that genuine reform will not benefit those in power.”

Read more from TIME magazine

Najib's "reformist" government fired ONLY 967 rounds of tear gas at peaceful assembly of Malaysians calling for electoral reforms

Malaysia falling far behind in investors' map

Dr M: "I am worried what happened to Gadaffi and Mubarak will happen to me"

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

This MCA Lady earns my respect

MCA Wanita chief Kian Sit Har a woman of substance

I have said many bad things about MCA in the past and so I was surprised to read about an MCA Chief, a lady no less, who took part in the recent Bersih rally.

This is what she said when questioned about her involvement in the rally:

"Nowadays, we cannot be neutral. We have to choose between right and wrong. The party may have its stand, but we must take the side of justice. We cannot just follow faithfully if BN or MCA is doing something wrong. If you think something is wrong, then we must voice it out. Right is right, wrong is wrong; we must not be afraid (to speak out)," she said in an interview with Malaysiakini at her Malacca office last week.

She has also reported that Malacca CM Ali Rustam has asked her to resign from her post, and her boss in MCA never backed her up (not surprising, that one).

If only MCA had more people like her to fight for what is right. Don't just fight for the Chinese (that is just too racist) but fight for all Malaysians, ok?

Madam Kian, I take my hat off to you!

Read more

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

UMNO fights back using their butts

UMNO butt squad shows how easy it is to fight off the enemy

No brains? No ideas? Well you can always show your butt off if you run out of things to say or if you run out of ammo I guess. This must be our army's new tactical training in case you run out of ammunition. Show your butt and the enemy will run. Unfortunately they didn't think (or sorry, you are not supposed to think) what would happen if the enemy suddenly offers you a drink.

Now, 1,2,3 bend over ... and watch out for Anwar!

"Melayu telah hilang segala identitinya. Itulah sumbangan terbesar Umno terhadap bangsanya"
No need to use your head, your ass will do (in Malay)

UMNO has found their new secret weapon!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Najib spent USD 3 million to listen to Bersih chants in London

After missing out on Bersih in KL Najib spent USD 3 million to listen to their chants in London's O2

Well if you didn't want to listen to them live in KL, as PM of Malaysia you can always use the people's money to watch them LIVE in London's exclusive O2 arena! PM Najib made full use of his recent trip to London to listen to LIVE demonstration of Bersih by their supporters in London. Knowing very well that since Najib missed their "live performance" in KL, Bersih supporters in London were out in full force to show their appreciation to Najib for spending USD 3 million to help the British economy recover!

Read more

WSJ: Najib spends USD 3 million for London O2 performance

MC: Najib to perform in London O2 while wifey goes shopping (at YOUR expense of course)

Sarawak Report: Najib's self promotion in London

Friday, May 11, 2012

Gerakan to manage UMNO in Penang

Gerakan to unleash Teng Chang Yeow on UMNO

Newly elected Penang state BN chief Teng Chang Yeow, has taken the bull (remember Cow Story?) by the horns by stating that Gerakan will now manage UMNO in Penang. After being totally obliterated during the 2008 political tsunami Teng has vowed to make Gerakan take control of "out-of-control" UMNO and vowed to do the same to MIC and MCA if they ever step out of line.

Well known for his ability to (er..., please fill in the blank for me here) Teng will now make UMNO do what he wants them to do and make sure they do not do anything silly like making funeral arrangements for present Penang CM and stepping on the photo of past chief ministers.

Teng will also ensure that UMNO do not become a racist party and uphold good human rights principles like the rest of the citizens in this country who are able to assemble peacefully despite being assaulted by riot police with tear gas and batons.

Teng will also ensure that no headless chicken, pork or beef will be strewn around religious places e.g. temples and mosques and no fires to be lighted near churches or inside churches using Molotov cocktails.

If UMNO decides to give contracts to spouses of ministers and parliamentarians Teng will rise to the occasion and call for MORE EVEN distribution between the component parties as well as claimed by one of their ex-ministers that "all the other ministers are the same" and so there should be fair distribution to all no matter what party he/she belongs to.

If UMNO decide to elect a new commisioner for the Election Council, Teng will ensure that his past membership record in UMNO will be completely erased from the face of the earth lest that it be discovered by some mischievous souls from PKR.

And if a royal commission or an independent committee is to be formed by someone close to UMNO, Teng will not sleep until he closely vets their relationship to UMNO i.e. check what are the positions they have been given to him/her by UMNO in the past e.g. if they have been given a directorship in Genting and whether the company is "halal"or not.

The people of Penang should now sleep more soundly knowing this invaluable fact.

Read the "true" story

LKS: UMNO at its most disgraceful depth

Thursday, May 03, 2012

Shameful Malaysian Government Gets International Publicity

Najib to answer for assault against Malaysian citizens and press

Malaysians are now calling on their Prime Minister to apologize for the assault on innocent citizens in a peaceful rally held last Saturday.

"Then I saw the photos of the police rolling out the barbed wire and I saw red. Since when did our police, or whoever is their boss, roll out barbed wire - barbed wire!! - against their own people?? Are we thugs? Terrorists? Thieves?" - MarinaMahathir

Malaysiakini: IGP apologizes to press man

Malaysiakini: Razor wire intended to hurt civilians

Amnesty International: Police used brutal tactics against peaceful protesters

WSJ: Malaysian protests casts uncertainty on vote for Najib

WSJ: Najib's reformist image torn to shreds

Protest rattles Najib's confidence

“Our news report was a factual account of events that day, and intrusion in our editorial process is unwarranted. We have not been censored in this way by another distribution platform anywhere in the world.” - Al Jazeera
Al Jazeera decries being censored in Malaysia

BBC to investigate news censorship in Malaysia

Latest: Dr M takes the opportunity to answer for Najib since Najib could not provide a good answer

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Tear gas fired at protestors at Bersih rally

Malaysian protests against Najib met with riot police

LIVE: Report from

Malaysian police fired tear gas and water cannon in clashes with thousands of protesters demanding electoral reforms on Saturday, raising the risk of a political backlash that could delay national polls which had been expected within months.

Riot police reacted after some protesters among the crowd of at least 25,000 tried to break through barriers, in defiance of a court order banning them from entering the city's historic Merdeka Square. They fired several dozen tear gas rounds, sending the protesters scattering through nearby streets.

Reuters: Malaysian police fire tear gas

BBC: Current arrangements will benefit Najib

AlJazeera: "We will march to the barrier"

Guardian: "We cannot be quiet anymore"

"This was a peaceful protest and they have come in with this heavy handed crackdown to disperse people" - Nick Xenophone

Adelaide Now: Senator Xenophon gassed in  KL

“By launching a crackdown on peaceful protesters on the streets of Kuala Lumpur, the Malaysian government is once again showing its contempt for its people’s basic rights and freedoms” - Phil Robertson, Human Rights Watch’s deputy director for Asia.

Washington Post: "We do not want them to get elected by cheating"

CBC News: Najib can now be proud he has given birth to SE Asia's biggest street rally

“The reason [authorities] reacted that way is they’re afraid of losing power and, in the back of their minds, they’re aware of what’s happened in the Middle East” - Bridget Welsh, a Malaysia expert and associate professor at Singapore Management University.

They also made it illegal to protest in Merdeka Square,” Welsh said. “Why? Because it’s just like Tahrir Square in Egypt.”

GlobalPost: Malaysia's Arab Spring?

Friday, April 27, 2012

Bersih's nationwide and international rallies a big blow to Najib

Najib's government unsure how to handle a nationwide protest

Malaysian protesters demanding fair elections plan to rally 100,000 people tomorrow without government permission in a test of Prime Minister Najib Razak’s pledge to allow greater freedom ahead of a national vote.

The Coalition for Clean and Fair Elections, or Bersih, vowed to go forward with the demonstration at Kuala Lumpur’s Independence Square, according to steering committee member Maria Chin Abdullah. City officials last night ordered the open- air space closed today and tomorrow, risking clashes similar to those that marred a Bersih protest last year.

The order to close the square “doesn’t make any difference,” Maria said by phone today. “We will proceed.”

Read more from Business Week

"For many years, I felt a sense of helplessness and frustration as I followed Malaysian current affairs and saw the country I grew up in stuck in a downward spiral of poor governance and deteriorating civil liberties and human rights. What really got to me was the complete waste of potential – Malaysia was and remains a beautiful country – rich in natural resources, great weather, fantastic cuisine and diverse culture. It has a small population of 28 million people that could enjoy a world class healthcare and education system if the money spent on hapless vanity projects and siphoned off to fund the multimillionaire lifestyles of government ministers was spent on improving the lives of the rakyat." - Yolanda Augustin

Read Yolanda's letter on why overseas Malaysians are joining in this time

Bersih 3.0 rally in Melbourne

Bersih rallies in 70 countries worldwide

Malaysia's clean election movement goes global in 79 cities

Where to attend a Bersih rally on April 28 

Sin Chew: Malaysian government has much too learn

Lonely Planet: Advice for tourists in KL on April 28

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Star won't print this

Marina Mahathir's article is blocked again

"My editors at The Star did politely ask me to tone down my column. They even bought me tea to tell me this. They explained the type of nasty pressures they face over many articles, pressure from people who seem to be hyper-paranoid over every little bit of news that might be construed as anti-government, anti-Islam, anti-everythingtheystandfor. I can sympathise with my editors. It can't be fun being constantly shouted at on the phone or having to attend 'briefings' where they are told exactly what they can or cannot write, no argument." - Marina

Read the "offending" article

No country in this world can claim to have the cleanest electoral roll, but the Election Commission chief Aziz Yusof has the cheek to claim it is the “cleanest in the world.” Fraught with 3.1 million discrepancies based on the latest study by political analyst Dr Ong Kian Ming, Aziz continues to behave like an alcoholic who would not admit that he has a problem. -  Stephen Ng

Najib, don’t be arrogant — Stephen Ng

Business Week: Malaysians protest against Najib

AFP: Critics call for rally in Malaysia

NY Times: Malaysians to protest over electoral system

The Star: Deputy Chairman of Election Council admits being a member of UMNO (the ruling party)

Latest: Both Chairman and Deputy of Election Commission admit to being UMNO members! (Holy Cow! Malaysia Boleh!!)

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Najib running out of time

France's court to start inquiry into submarine corruption scandal linked to Najib and Razak Baginda

The investigation papers on the case have been made available to the Suaram team and "we will reveal the content in stages".

"Our list of possible witnesses are of course Razak and his wife Mazlinda, one Jasbir Singh, Lodin Wok Kamaruddin and Altantuya's father Setev Shaariibuu, who recently agreed to be our witness."

According to whistleblower website Wikileaks, Lodin heads LTAT and is a close buddy of Najib, he also allegedly sits on the board of Affin Bank Bhd, one of Perimekar's bankers.

"It's a pivotal moment to have arrived at this juncture where we can move forward with evidence to uncover the truth in one of the biggest corruption scandals in Malaysia," said Gabriel.

She had also named Najib and Ahmad Zahidi as potential witnesses, and the latter has agreed to testify in court.

Money was funneled through Hong Kong

Najib sents his lawyer out for secret mission

France to probe graft claims against DCN

Najib a fugitive for refusing to testify?

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Malaysians Totally Fed Up of Najib

Bersih 3.0 Launched to Fight Continuous Fraud by BN

The Election Commission (EC) have been told to clean up its act or resign en bloc due to their failures act against mass discrepancies in voters electoral roll.

PM Najib's 1Malaysia act is not attracting the masses to be his lap dogs.

Najib is in trouble, as more and more UMNO ministers are being accused of graft.

Another Bersih has been launched, and its time the people get rid of BN for good.

A warning to the Prime Minister (or is it BEWARE of the PM?)

Another minister accused of graft (when is it going to end for Najib?)

No solution for Teoh Beng Hock's case

No solution to Altantuya's case

Bersih 3.0 to clean up UMNO

Can BN win by cheating (in Bahasa)?

Najib again questions the loyalty of the Chinese

Latest: Even UMNO Penang not happy la...

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Malaysian Law Minister's Unlawful Son

Drives a Porsche and assaults security guard

Hmmmph... this story begs many questions:

1. How can a son of a Malaysian Minister own a Porsche (it is not impossible, just how?). BTW check the prices of Porshes in Malaysia

2. The son has a bodyguard who drives a luxury MPV.

3. The son refuses to register on entering a condominium (brandishes his father's calling card).

4. Bodyguard and/or son assaults security guard.

5. Case is hurriedly closed by the Polis.

Hmmmph... another typical UMNO politician story.

Najib: Support for BN peaking (??)

Thursday, March 08, 2012

No Sympathy For The Star

The Star gets no help for sucking up to BN

The Star has been good at playing ball with BN but when they made a mistake they realized not even BN will help them, least of all CSL.

It is not surprising that even Malaysian netizens have not been sympathetic to their plight (due to their penchant for bashing the Opposition) and so when the day comes when they lose their license to print will CSL will be there to "comfort" their employees? You can bet citizens like me will have no sympathy for The Star.

Why UMNO not satisfied with The Star's explaination

The Star to be suspended? 

2 Editors already sacrificed for UMNO/KDN 

All ado about Erykah Badu

JR: Hmm... I wonder why CSL is now so quiet on the hudud issue....

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

No winner in MCA vs DAP debate

But there IS a clear LOSER and interesting sideshow 

The recent debate by DAP and MCA was very much hoo-ha and not so much in real action. Ir was like waiting for Transformers 2 and getting Scooby Doo instead.

However the highlight of the event must have been the Q&A session where an interesting lady brought up some very (un?)pertinent issues but managed to score high points in visibility.

Jessie Ooi (now dubbed the Tow Truck Lady by netizens) stepped forward during Q&A and showed her prowess as an upcoming MCA leader but managed to get her foot shot-off and at the same time managed to show everyone how low MCA has sunk.

Watch the video. If you can't understand Mandarin there's the translation. But it is mostly the viewers' comments that are priceless!!

Jessie steals the show for all the wrong reasons

MCA learns a lesson on how NOT to ask questions

The Star apologises (again!) for inaccurate reporting

MCA goes into damage control mode

Why MCA failed and why they are no longer respected

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Curtin University apologises over Rosmah's doctorate

Curtin University to retract the term "First Lady of Malaysia"

A week after awarding Rosmah with a PhD, Curtin University of Western Australia, was hit with blast of criticisms. Its Facebook page was swamped by thousands of comments for their poor judgement. Judging by the strongly-worded postings on its Facebook page after the award was announced, Curtin was probably taken aback by the amount of criticisms and bad publicity.

In response to it Curtin has now issued a new media release to announce that it has retracted the term "First Lady of Malaysia" it used while referring to Rosmah.

Uni slammed for awarding doctorate to PM's wife

Did Rosmah deserve the PhD?

Curtin's reponse on its Facebook page

No help from Rosmah

Rosmah gets her PhD

Rosmah's spending spree in Australia (is it a prerequisite for an Australian doctorate?)

Australian designer cashes in on Rosmah

Sunday, February 12, 2012

MCA and Perkasa make good bed partners

Blundering MCA President agrees to work with Perkasa

What do 2 racist parties have in common? Common indecency, that is. MCA President has now agreed that they have no qualms working with Perkasa, a racist outcrop of UMNO bent on stewing racial polemics. MCA has now gone even deeper into its own made hell hole by agreeing that they are now working with Perkasa. Malaysians especially the Chinese community are especially saddened by this new betrayal act from MCA.

The whole incident started when Perkasa held a Chinese New Year event and gave out "white ang pows" with MCA representatives. Malaysian Chinese were offended as "white ang pows" are only given out during bereavement. Looks like MCA knows no depth in going as low as they can.

"Aiyaa... is this ang pow or pek kim?"

Ibrahim Ali: MCA and Perkasa are good friends

Lim Guan Eng: MCA should distance itself from Perkasa

DAP: Why is MCA working with Perkasa?

Najib: Forgive Perkasa as they are UMNO bred racists

Chua Soi Lek: If DAP can work with PAS, we can also work with Perkasa

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Cafe culture blooming in Penang?

Getting a good cup of brewed coffee in the morning in Penang is now easier than ever. A host of new cafes has blossomed and this brings good news to those looking for a dose of caffeine before going to work. Forget Starbucks and Coffee Bean and head towards the heritage enclave where you will find these new cafes in the old but refurbished heritage ambience. Enjoy your cuppa!

Sri Malaya @ Rope Walk (Jalan Pintal Tali)

Mews Cafe @ Lebuh Muntri

Lighthouse Coffee @ Lebuh Bishop

China House @ Beach Street

Via Pre Italian Restaurant@ Weld Quay

Il Bacaro @ Campbell Street

The Twelve Cups @ Beach Street

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Brother Ah Jib gets a hiding from Brother Ah Wah

Najib's New Year charm offensive on the Chinese backfires 

Just a week after Prime Minister Najib Razak's new Facebook handle in Mandarin 'Ah Jib Gor' made its cyberspace debut, supporters of his arch-enemy Anwar Ibrahim emulated the idea, setting up a Facebook page with the 'Ah Wah Gor' moniker. Take your pick!

He started it

Meet your nemesis

HAPPY GONG XI FA CAI!! from Sad-Cafe