Wednesday, January 23, 2013

BN faces impending doom at next election

Listen, listen, listen - Hatred for BN is growing day by day

They can do nothing else except make the people hate them more. As Najib lives out his last few weeks/months as Malaysian PM, BN is breaking apart as more damning revelations reveal the true BN, a corrupt, treasonous and hatred filled organization filled with self-serving individuals.

The Star: Dr M wants all Chinese and Indians in Malaysia to undergo a RCI on their citizenship

The Star: Government agreed to give foreigners ICs in return for voting BN 

Zaid: Dr M must be prosecuted, but cowards in BN unlikely to do it

The Sun: MCA has no guts to confront Dr M

Malaysiakini: UMNO's Perkasa wants to burn bibles

Jacob George: AG is protecting Perkasa 

The Sun: AG protecting Perkasa 

Douglas Tan: Malaysian Netizens will show BN who is the boss