Thursday, March 26, 2009

Mahathir loses his legacy

Mahathir a no-show at General Assembly

The results are in. Mahathir's final vestiges in UMNO have been booted out. His son Muhkriz lost in his fight for Youth presidency against Khairy. And his last surviving colleague, the Iron Lady Rafidah Aziz lost to Shahrizat for the post of Wanita President.

Rafidah Aziz Mukhriz Mahathir

With all his influence gone what will Mahathir harp on now? More allegations of corruption? What would UMNO be without corruption? Why would anyone want to join UMNO if not for the money? To fight for the Malay race? Give me a break...

The new Chiefs in UMNO

Malaysia's next unwelcomed PM-to-be

A Tribute to Paul Harvey

I missed this somehow. My all-time favorite radio commentator Paul Harvey has passed away earlier this month on 1st of March, 2009.

I first discovered Paul Harvey in the early nineties when I was sent to Tokyo (of all places to discover him!) for an overseas assignment by my company I worked with at that time. Being a radio freak then I scoured the airwaves for an English station and soon chanced upon the US Army radio station based somewhere in Japan. It was THE only English station in Tokyo I could find and it was broadcasting in AM!

I soon found that I could catch the early morning news and some music just before I leave for work from my small hotel room. It was during that time that I keep hearing someone on the radio keep mentioning ... "this is Paul Harvey..." and it was always accompanied by some interesting news of the day. Now I am sure you would think that there can't be anything that interesting EVERY day that would warrant a special presenter to present. There wasn't. But it was Paul's style that captivated me from the moment I heard his voice. He could make something uninteresting sound so wonderful and would cheer up your day the way he presented it. It was a gift he had.

I managed to listen to him a few more times when I did returned to Tokyo but I never could find out much about this man since it wasn't the age of the internet yet then. Years later I have forgotten about thim and it was only recently I remembered about Paul Harvey (after really giving up on our pathetic local radio stations). I searched the internet and found that I could listen to Paul again now over the internet.

I can't believe he is dead now although he has lead a long and productive life. I wished our Malaysian radio presenters could learn something from this American radio icon but I know now that would be trying to expect the impossible to happen.

I guess no one else can pay a tribute to Paul Harvey as high as Larry King when he said:
"Paul Harvey could read the phonebook and you would pay attention" - Larry King

ABC's tribute to Paul Harvey

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Sultan to clean up Najib's mess in Perak

Najib's quest for silver (Perak) is wrecking the nation

Excerpts from various newscast:

"If Sultan Azlan Shah wants to avoid a continued impasse, or worse, to have his appointments booted out through a vote in a special sitting, he would have to make a new decision on whether to allow a dissolution," Perak Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) legal adviser Mohamed Asri Othman said.

Even without the suspensions, Perak was likely heading for a showdown in elections anyway.

"If the House is in constant deadlock, if bills cannot be passed, it would be bad for the state. Investors would not come, the state budget cannot be passed, the administration would grind to a halt. Ultimately, elections would be required," says Asri, a former DAP deputy secretary-general, and the Dermawan assemblyperson in 1990.

All scenarios hinge on Speaker Sivakumar who holds wide-ranging powers and whose position gives him the authority of a High Court judge, Asri notes.

Law lecturer Prof Dr Abdul Aziz Bari of the International Islamic University adds that the Speaker ' s decisions, if reached according to the House ' s standing orders, are final and difficult to challenge in court.

"This was BN (and Najib's) biggest mistake. They overlooked the problem with the Speaker," he says.

Malaysiakini: Ball now in Sultan's court

The Star: Nation looking towards the palace to break this impasse

The Star: BN humiliated by "boy speaker" who is now the pride of the nation

The Edge: Disgruntled UMNO members planning to block transfer of PMship to Najib

Malaysiakini: More allegations of corruption against Najib surfaces

The Sun: Najib threatens those who report him to MACC

Help Save Perak from BN: Sign an online petition to the Sultan

Monday, March 02, 2009

UMNO Youth's Mat Rempit Behaviour

UMNO Youth blames their gangsterism show in Parliament on wheelchair bound Karpal Singh

Outgoing Umno Youth vice-head Khairy Jamaludin has blamed the incident whereby his members stormed into the august Parliament and tried to assault MP Karpal Singh on Karpal himself. The wheelchair bound Karpal was said to have intimidated his members and they therefore had the right to assault him in Parliament.

He said the movement had never encouraged or condoned such acts by its members "but a the same time, I wish to stress that all this cropped because of Karpal Singh's abrasive remarks in the Dewan Rakyat".

Again this goes to show that if your father or father-in-law is the PM in this country you can get away with almost anything.

As usual no action will be taken on the infamous son-in-law nor his goons since he IS PM's son-in-law!

IGP: We cannot take any action

NST: Condemn UMNO Youth

The Star: UMNO thugs a big shame in the Parliament

Khairy interviewed: "I know my image is bad"

UMNO Youth: No comment. Our blog has not been updated since July 2008!

JR: I guess this is what happens when only Mat Rempits want to join your club!