Wednesday, February 22, 2012

No winner in MCA vs DAP debate

But there IS a clear LOSER and interesting sideshow 

The recent debate by DAP and MCA was very much hoo-ha and not so much in real action. Ir was like waiting for Transformers 2 and getting Scooby Doo instead.

However the highlight of the event must have been the Q&A session where an interesting lady brought up some very (un?)pertinent issues but managed to score high points in visibility.

Jessie Ooi (now dubbed the Tow Truck Lady by netizens) stepped forward during Q&A and showed her prowess as an upcoming MCA leader but managed to get her foot shot-off and at the same time managed to show everyone how low MCA has sunk.

Watch the video. If you can't understand Mandarin there's the translation. But it is mostly the viewers' comments that are priceless!!

Jessie steals the show for all the wrong reasons

MCA learns a lesson on how NOT to ask questions

The Star apologises (again!) for inaccurate reporting

MCA goes into damage control mode

Why MCA failed and why they are no longer respected

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Curtin University apologises over Rosmah's doctorate

Curtin University to retract the term "First Lady of Malaysia"

A week after awarding Rosmah with a PhD, Curtin University of Western Australia, was hit with blast of criticisms. Its Facebook page was swamped by thousands of comments for their poor judgement. Judging by the strongly-worded postings on its Facebook page after the award was announced, Curtin was probably taken aback by the amount of criticisms and bad publicity.

In response to it Curtin has now issued a new media release to announce that it has retracted the term "First Lady of Malaysia" it used while referring to Rosmah.

Uni slammed for awarding doctorate to PM's wife

Did Rosmah deserve the PhD?

Curtin's reponse on its Facebook page

No help from Rosmah

Rosmah gets her PhD

Rosmah's spending spree in Australia (is it a prerequisite for an Australian doctorate?)

Australian designer cashes in on Rosmah

Sunday, February 12, 2012

MCA and Perkasa make good bed partners

Blundering MCA President agrees to work with Perkasa

What do 2 racist parties have in common? Common indecency, that is. MCA President has now agreed that they have no qualms working with Perkasa, a racist outcrop of UMNO bent on stewing racial polemics. MCA has now gone even deeper into its own made hell hole by agreeing that they are now working with Perkasa. Malaysians especially the Chinese community are especially saddened by this new betrayal act from MCA.

The whole incident started when Perkasa held a Chinese New Year event and gave out "white ang pows" with MCA representatives. Malaysian Chinese were offended as "white ang pows" are only given out during bereavement. Looks like MCA knows no depth in going as low as they can.

"Aiyaa... is this ang pow or pek kim?"

Ibrahim Ali: MCA and Perkasa are good friends

Lim Guan Eng: MCA should distance itself from Perkasa

DAP: Why is MCA working with Perkasa?

Najib: Forgive Perkasa as they are UMNO bred racists

Chua Soi Lek: If DAP can work with PAS, we can also work with Perkasa

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Cafe culture blooming in Penang?

Getting a good cup of brewed coffee in the morning in Penang is now easier than ever. A host of new cafes has blossomed and this brings good news to those looking for a dose of caffeine before going to work. Forget Starbucks and Coffee Bean and head towards the heritage enclave where you will find these new cafes in the old but refurbished heritage ambience. Enjoy your cuppa!

Sri Malaya @ Rope Walk (Jalan Pintal Tali)

Mews Cafe @ Lebuh Muntri

Lighthouse Coffee @ Lebuh Bishop

China House @ Beach Street

Via Pre Italian Restaurant@ Weld Quay

Il Bacaro @ Campbell Street

The Twelve Cups @ Beach Street