Thursday, December 31, 2009

Go After the Criminals Instead of Politicians

Malaysian cops find it easier to target politicians and bloggers rather than criminals

Police should be spending more time investigating crime and preventing it from happening rather than investigating politicians.

DAP national vice-chairman M. Kula­segaran said police were barking up the wrong tree by investigating Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng over his alleged seditious remarks.

”What Lim said during the Pakatan Rakyat convention in Shah Alam recently was based on the findings of Thai pathologist Dr Porntip Rojanasunan,” he said yesterday.

Speaking to reporters before distributing calendars at the Jelapang market here, the Ipoh Barat MP pointed out that Dr Porntip had said in court that the death of political aide Teoh Beng Hock was 80% homicide.

Kulasegaran was commenting on Selangor police chief Deputy Comm Datuk Khalid Abu Bakar’s statement that Lim was being investigated for allegedly saying that Teoh was murdered.

Polis: Don't intimidate us

Polis: Lim Guan Eng is not entitiled to his opinion

Sign a Petition to support Lim Guan Eng: Malaysians worldwide condemn cops for their high-handedness

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Now we know why Najib wants to increase our taxes and pay tax for our credit cards

Najib's RMAF lost RM50 million jet engines to thieves

From Kit's blog:-

"What a way to end 2009 and the first uncompleted year of the new Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Razak – two missing RM50 million RMAF jet engines which exposes high-level thievery, government topsy-turvydom and sheer lack of professionalism in defence, police and Attorney-General’s Chambers, casting a long shadow on Najib’s Government Transformation Programme (GTP).

Many questions cry out for answer on the scandal of the missing jet engines as they are not an unobtrusive object that could be easily squirrelled away, with each explanatory statement by the Prime Minister, the Defence Minister Datuk Seri Dr. Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, the air force and the police raising more questions.

Najib gave the assurance that action would be taken against those responsible for the missing Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) jet engines – the powerplants to the F-5E Tiger II fighter and RF-5E Tigereye reconnaissance jets – saying: “Let us investigate. Whoever is in the wrong will be held responsible.”

Why is the Prime Minister still talking in the future tense, when the action for the missing RMAF jet engines took place in May last year, and RMAF had lodged a report with the police on Aug 4 last year?"

Read more

Something fishy about this big fish

Only in Malaysia can the air force loses its jets to thieves

Defence Minister should commit hara-kiri

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Pakatan reveals UMNO's grand plan for national disunity

Courses by Biro Tata Negara aimed at creating racial disharmony

Pakatan has revealed a long known secret that BN has been quietly promoting racial disharmony all this while using a secret task force known as Biro Tata Negara (BTN). Participants are culled from government departments and forced to accept the fact that Malays are superior and the other races are "pendatang" and so you should act like a "pendatang". The PKR government in Selangor has decided to stop sending its officials to participate in the highly racist indoctrination camp.

Read a parent's complaint about BTN

Another participant complains about being humiliated

DPM Muhyiddin claims BTN is good for 1Malaysia as it promotes BN's secret plans

Nazri wants to revamp BTN as he says the syllabus is not approved by him

Lim Kit Siang wants to be the facilitator if Muhyiddin allows

JR: I am curious to know who actually created BTN? Will he own up since this course is "so good"?

BN Youth Shows Their Uncouth Behaviour Again

BN Youth vent their frustration as Penang CM's shows his mettle

It seems almost everyone is jealous of Lim Guan Eng's abilities. Yesterday UMNO, MIC and Gerakan Youth vented their frustrations as Penang's Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng (LGE) continued to win over the support of all races in Penang. They refused to let the Kampung Buah Pala issue to be laid to rest and continued to seek "compensation money" and showed their frustrations as the people of Penang refused to bow to their claims.

They must be thinking that they are still staying in a corrupt BN state and do not realize the DAP leader cannot be bought unlike their own corrupt cows heading their parties in the past!

This is what BN is good at - always asking for money and not having to work for it

No action on demonstrators as it is Ok for BN parties to demonstrate but not others

Penang not getting funds from Federal Government for heritage conservation

Gerakan's Teng Hock Nan running out of issues in Penang

Pakatan is the only solution to racial unity

Who is this Calvin Sankaran? He must be a big fan of Koh Tsu Koon. If you really love Penang please give some constructive criticisms and not personal attacks. How come there are no letters from him during the Gerakan period? Was it because Penang did extremely well under KTK?

His first attempt to discredit LGE

His second attempt to discredit LGE

His latest attempt to discredit LGE

The Star certainly knows who to choose to write for them. It certainly seems like personal attacks against the ruling government in Penang is good for their image. Its no wonder why Penang people don't trust this paper anymore. They are churning out the same shit like they did before the last general election.

Latest: Even Barisan's state leader claims The Star is good only for wiping his buttocks!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Is the Perodua Alza Worth Buying?

Perodua Alza to be the top selling MPV?

Perodua is confident its newly launched Perodua Alza will be the top-selling multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) in 2010. Managing director Datuk Syed Abdull Hafiz Syed Abu Bakar said Perodua was targeting to sell between 3,500 and 4,000 units of the model per month, adding that it had already received 3,500 bookings for the Alza since Nov 13.

Here is what blogger and car reviewer Paul Tan has to say about the new Alza which derived its look from the Toyota Passo Sette.

"I have to say that with the Myvi, the Japanese Passo looked better, but with the Alza I feel our own Malaysian design team has trumped the Japanese guys. The Passo Sette had this slightly bulgy-eyed look while the Alza looks far more sleeker. I don’t see any reason why anyone would want to ‘convert’ their Alza back to a Passo Sette but then again design is a subjective personal thing.

With regards to the revviness, you really can’t run away from this kind of engine behaviour if you try to drive it like a sports car under heavy loads. The engine has no problems taking the car around gently. I really wouldn’t consider it a significant improvement over the Exora but I found throttle response to be zipper compared to the Campro CPS. Thankfully the sound insulation for the Alza preview drive units (and the Exora) are sufficient to supress any excessive vibrations. The Alza’s engine remained sounding refined up to the redline, despite the inconsistent power delivery issues."

Read Paul Tan's review

It’s price range from RM 55k to RM64k is cheaper than the Exora though technically it isn’t the cheapest in the market. Changan-Berjaya sells their Chana Era CM8 “van” at prices starting from under RM40k.

Scholarship Offer For Students

Scholarship offer for poor students

Koon Yew Yin, a retired Chartered Civil Engineer and one of the original founders of IJM Corporation Bhd, Gamuda Bhd and Mudajaya Group Bhd is offering scholarships to 50 poor students for the next academic year to study finance and accountancy in University TAR, Kampar, Perak.

Read his articles on why the present Malaysian government has got it all wrong in producing bumiputra contractors and preventing brain drain. The following articles are a must-read for all Malaysians.

Bumiputra contractors: A wasteful national mission

The Great Malaysian Brain Drain

As an entrepreneur, Mr Koon had always wanted to use minimum capital to produce maximum benefit.

Monday, November 02, 2009

BN has lost confidence of its own ministers

Najib's government suffers more setbacks as his ministers' credibility are questioned by his own men

Datuk Mohamad Aziz (BN-Sri Gading) says he will neither retract nor apologise for his criticisms on Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon.

"I won’t take back what I said, I did not do anything wrong with my statement (in Parliament last week). People are asking me to ask for forgiveness? What, are Umno and Malays only qualified for apologising?" he told reporters in Parliament lobby today.

Last week, Mohamad urged Koh to resign and questioned his appointment as Minister in the Prime Minister's Department overseeing the Key Performance Index (KPI), alleging Koh had failed to perform.

"How can you take care of KPI when you yourself didn't show good KPI? Your subordinates will have no confidence in you. So, how can you be effective as the minister in charge?" he said.

Mohamad also accused Koh of being an "apple polisher" for turning up in Parliament only when the prime minister was around, besides being a Senator through the "back door" to be appointed as minister.

Read more

Can you believe it? We forgot to bring the apples!

Poor turnout at Gerakan's national conference as delegates complain of sleepiness

Najib rues a spirit-less Gerakan

Gerakan blames their weaknesses on DAP

Koh: I have no power to act on ministers who don't meet their KPIs

Friday, October 30, 2009

BN Fed Up With MCA's antics

BN Backbencher asks MCA President Ong Tee Keat to quit - The Sun, 30th Oct (print version only)

A BN parliamentarian has asked both Ong Tee Kiat and Koh Tsu Khoon to quit as they were no longer wanted by their members. Saying that Ong has broken his promise of quitting if he loses the EGM vote, Datuk Mohamad Aziz said if the two ministers have pride they should quit immediately instead of dragging all of BN into disrepute.

MCA's president Ong and his VP Chua has recently reconciled after a year of infighting after they realised members were out to dump both of them.

Meanwhile Koh was labeled a under performing minister who lost the state of Penang.

Now Showing: Let's Be Friends Or They Will Get Rid Of Us

The cast:

Wee Ka Siong: Ong not telling the truth

Muhyiddin: No transparency in MCA

Ong Tee Keat: Place self-interest above party

Liow Tiong Lai: I am being poisoned

Wee and Chew: We are not traitors

Penang MCA: Everyone should resign

Ng Yen Yen: I am not quitting

- Show will run for 2 weeks only! Advance booking available! -

JR: You definitely can't trust someone who shakes hands with his sworn enemy!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Another corrupt politician gets away

Lingam gets the last laugh as Najib lets him go scot-free

After keeping quiet for a very long time, suddenly it is revealed that VK Lingam has done nothing wrong! Someone very high up is definitely being protected from being prosecuted.

"When a politician was wrongly accused of complaining on the level of noise from a mosque, she was arrested under ISA. When it comes to investigating an RM 2,400 discrepancy in an invoice, the person being investigated died in the MACC office.

However when it comes to "big shots", and despite the royal commission's recommendations, the case was hushed-up. Now tell me, is this the kind of government that we want come the next general election? To all right-minded rakyat, please be smart and vote wisely."

"This bombshell should overshadow whatever alleged gains by BN in Bagan Pinang. Dr M and Najib are looking out for each other."

- Readers' comments in Malaysiakini.

Opposition Leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim while debating on Judges’ Code of Ethics, said despite recommendation from the royal commission, all escaped facing the music.

“This is not rule of law. This is law of the jungle,” he said, adding that findings of the Royal Commissions in Malaysia seemed to carry no weight.


Saturday, September 26, 2009

Streamyx down for 3 days

Streamyx down in Penang for more than 48 hours

As far as I know Gelugor (my area) and Air Itam area are affected, could be more.
Streamyx technicians are conveniently unavailable as 013 line is also down!

I am now using Celcom Broadband prepaid but the speed is even worse than Streamyx. Maybe it could be due to Celcom nationwide network problem, not sure.
Internet is at a crawling pace here in Penang now.

Received a call from TM support in KL(?) saying they are still working on it. Anybody knows what the problem is?

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

UMNO's BN set to sail off to the sunset

UMNO to see its doom soon

"It is strange to find that Malaysia has been outstripped by its neighbours. It is no longer the leading nation in the region. Certainly it is no longer regarded as a model."

"The Liberal Democratic Party of Japan which had ruled the country since World War II has been trounced by the Democratic Party of Japan in the recent election."

"This follows the trend which many political parties which had struggled and achieved independence had undergone. The Mashumi Party of Indonesia, the Muslim League of Pakistan, the parties which wrested independence for numerous African countries have all but disappeared."

"The only thing that would save the BN is the lack-luster performance of the opposition. The alternative is not a real alternative. But if the performance of the BN Government and parties fails to gain confidence, the frustrated voters might just do what the Japanese voters did - dump the party they had supported for more than half a century."

- Lim Kit Siang?? No, its Dr M

Pakatan: Please read this article and let's not dissapoint Dr M, ok?

On another note: Will Khir Toyo be sacrificed for the Bagan Pinang by-election? (the wayang has started!)


Penang is now a registered trademark

You now have to ask permission to use the word "Penang"!

Penang is now a registered trademark own by the state government. Those wanting to use the word “Penang” for functions, events, publications and other purposes must first get permission from the state government, Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng said yesterday.

I suppose this is a good branding strategy for Penang and I hope the state government make good use of it.

What comes to mind after Penang?? Food, of course!

Vote now for your favorite Penang food by clicking the link below:

Monday, September 07, 2009

Residents threaten Pakatan Mentri Besar

This is what happens when the BN's Home Minister condones extremist actions


It happened because we allowed it to happen. Those bigoted thugs did what they did because we did not stamp down on the racists among us hard.

We allowed racist politicians to spout their garbage about “immigrant races”; we allowed them to tell our brothers and sisters to “go back to where you belong”; we allowed them to wave weapons of war; and we allowed them to ask for the weapons to be bathed in blood.

It’s too late for any politician to condemn something now when all the other acts of bigotry that have been brewing in the past few years were not even protested against because they suited their political needs.

:Unquote - Azmi Shahrom

JR: And all this happening on bulan puasa!

Anyway, our government reacted in a very predictable manner - shoot the cow carrying the milk!

Najib: It is ok as long as the people are not protesting against us

Sloone: BN giving us more ammo to get rid of them by the next election

Khoo Kay Peng: The Goons in BN are thriving

Haris Ibrahim: MCMC wants video removed as the perpetrators could be linked back to Hishammudin

Malaysian Consultative Council: 1Malaysia, but 2 set of rules

Friday, September 04, 2009

UMNO continues to stoke racial tension

UMNO's Hishammuddin defends action of extremists parading decapitated cow-head

This is so sad and disgusting that I don't what to say - so I will just let Tony Pua do the talking

Read Tony's article here

Kit: Hishamuddin is wielding his keris again

Th Star: Hishammudin denies he is an extremist
"...the residents seemed to have some grounds for their displeasure"

JR: How pathetic can you get? We wonder what would be Hishammudin's response if it were the Indians parading something in front of a mosque

Forbes: Malaysian police stood by as protestors did their despicable act

Hindraf: Only Malays can protest in Malaysia

More: Who is the "dalang" behind this despicable act (in Malay, but I am sure you would have guessed the answer by now)

Monday, August 24, 2009

Malaysia's Culture Minister speaks his mind

Culture Minister Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim shows the world how graceful and polite Malaysian ministers are

If this is how a minister talks (Culture Minister, no less!) I am sure many visitors will think twice before they ever visit Malaysia again! Thanks Rais for showing everyone how nice Malaysians can be!!

JR: I am sick... and its not swine flu

On a lighter note, watch this video on what could have happened to Teoh Beng Hock, you don't need to understand another language (German), unlike our esteemed Culture Minister.

On another note, the world watches if Malaysia will cane Muslim woman caught drinking beer

Friday, August 21, 2009

Explosive Letter Reveals The Truth Behind Beng Hock's Death

Letter purpotedly by MACC officers reveal the truth behind Beng Hock's death

The mysterious letter which derailed the Teoh Beng Hock inquest on Wednesday purportedly implicates the Deputy Director of Selangor Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) officer and an Ex-Mentri Besar of Selangor in the mishap.

The letter, which was published in several news portals, was allegedly written by lower-ranking MACC officers, accusing the two men of having conspired to topple the Selangor government by conducting a witch-hunt of its leaders, which indirectly resulted in Teoh’s tragic death.

It also accused the MACC officer of having protected the politician when he was in power before the Pakatan Rakyat coalition took over Selangor.

According to the letter, the officer had received many kickbacks as payment for his service to the politician.

One incriminating accusation in the letter is about the method the officer used as his interrogation technique – by holding the front portion of a person’s belt and lifting him several times before shaking him.

MACC chief Datuk Seri Ahmad Said Hamdan with his good friend Nazri - can Malaysians expect MACC who are so palsy-walsy with UMNO politicians to show some balls?

Ahmad Said: We are under a lot of pressure

NST: Molotov cocktails hurled at MACC vehicle

Malaysiakini: There is hope in a few good men in MACC

Permatang Pasir By-Election: BN serves up a lame duck

Nazri: MACC under BN's order to investigate Penang state government as by-election hots up

Berita Malaysia: MACC is in an all-out war against corruption Pakatan.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Natural defence against swine flu

Swine Flu is all over the media right now - and with good reason. Over the past few years, viruses are getting more resilient and harder to fight off. As the military prepares troops and supplies for an upcoming battle - you too need to prepare your body and supply it with what it needs to fight this potential pandemic.

Get Your Sleep

Sleep is the body' s biggest immunity booster. During the sleeping hours is when our body repairs and restores itself from the stresses of the day. Long known by experts, sleep is essential to good health .... and now sleep is essential to a healthy survival. Get as much sleep as you can and listen to your body. When you are tired, hit the lights and catch some zzz's. (See resources section below on ways to get better sleep).

Drink Green Tea

Known as a tea with one of the highest antioxidant levels out there, green tea is a super food for good health. With the Swine Flu looming, try and drink a cup (or more) of green tea a day and you will help ready your immune system for battle.

Take Garlic

Garlic is another ancient super food that wards off viruses. As everyone knows, too much garlic can be odor offensive. A much nicer version is to take odorless garlic pills. Take at least 3 a day (I like the brand Kwai - you can find it on any health food website) with a meal.

Don't Freak

Yes, Swine Flu is all over the news. But you don't need to follow the story every second of the day. Anxiety and stress will lower your immune system and right now you need to build it up! Limit your exposure to stress and when you begin feeling anxeity about potentially contracting this flu, do something for yourself that relaxes you...(take a walk, chat with a friend, take a long bath, etc.)

Latest: Transfer factors may be the best defense your body needs against swine flu

Saturday, August 15, 2009

BN using Gestapo tactics on Opposition

TV clip shows shocking manhandling of Pakatan representative

RM4 Billion PKFZ scandal - does MACC investigate? NO!
RM25 Million mansion of Ex-Mentri Besar - does MACC investigate? NO!

RM2 Thousand alleged bribe involving Pakatan representative - does MACC investigate? YES!

OK, to be fair MACC does actually investigate BN politicians, however they tend to get acquitted

DAP adviser Lim Kit Siang today slammed the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) as the Gestapo for its high-handed manner in targeting Opposition members.

The special assistant to Selangor executive councillor Ronnie Liu for the Barisan Nasional-held Sungai Pelek constituency was injured during a scuffle with MACC officers outside his office yesterday.

NTV7 today showed shocking moments when MACC men mishandled Pakatan representative Wong Chuan How outside his own office. After struggling Wong was seen falling and had to be stretchered away from his office.

I suppose now every Malaysian can guess what happened to Teoh Beng Hock.
It looks clear now how Najib's 1Malaysia works.

Watch this video to see how it could have happened!

Latest: MACC blasted by Hishammuddin for not investigating top BN leaders (is he talking about OTK or Ex-Mentri Besar?)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Malaysia loses a truely creative Malaysian

Film producer Yasmin Ahmad laid to rest

Yasmin, who gave us those heart-rending and guilt-raising Petronas ads has died of a stroke at an early age of 51. Who can forget her ground-breaking and race-blind movie "Sepet" in which she showed us who are the true Malaysians?

A retrospective of Yasmin's work

A friend to everyone

"I am so kampung"

Monday, July 20, 2009

Death at the corridors of MACC

DAP's Political Secretary found dead after a fall at MACC HQ

He was being questioned as a witness to a corruption case involving RM 2,400. Yes two thousand and four hundred ringgit as opposed to the RM 4 billion (PKFZ) and many more millions exposed cases involving the ruling party (Khir Toyo) which the MACC (Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission) has chosen to conveniently ignore.

For RM2400 the MACC questioned Teoh Beng Hock, 30, an aide of Selangor state executive councillor Ean Yong Hian Wah, throughout the night and the next morning he was found dead apparently after falling from some floors up the MACC building. Now, a lot of questions are being asked. Who is responsible? What drove him to jump if he did jump?

In The Sun today, MACC advisory panel member Tan Sri Robert Phang, who revealed that the panel will meet on Thursday to discuss the case, said: "If a person has been detained and interrogated for more than six hours, past midnight and right up to early in the morning, I view this is abuse of power.

Teoh's family has also been reported to distrust any investigation results by MACC and by the Malaysian Police. How can you not side with them with the overwhelming evidence of the selective prosecution by MACC and our Polis whom have always gone after the opposition members, and even more so recently as the Malaysian government try their utmost best to bring down the present Selangor state government which is under opposition rule. (Perak being the other state recently won back by the ruling party using highly questionable tactics).

Call for Royal Commission? What good would it do as even the last RC resulted in no action taken against the infamous "king-maker" Lingam despite obvious evidence to prosecute him.

One could only see all this happening in a country where politics have become the be-all and end-all and freedom and justice is just another dirty word for the public as like most foul-words they are often said and never seen.

And for once can we see our Polis actually catch the real crook (instead of the usual suicide classification), or the MACC actually catch someone from inside the government?

A Prayer for Teoh

Aliran: Polis beat up demonstrators outside MACC building

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Malaysian Politician Builds His Palace

Ex-Selangor Mentri Besar pays RM3.5 million for his mansion
With (only) a RM3.5 million loan Selangor's ex-Mentri Besar (Chief Minister), Dr Khor Toyo has build his "presidential palace" (worth RM24 million).

Fresh from utilising his free trip vouchers which took him around the world Selangor's ex-MB now returns to build his presidential palace.

"I have a lot of time in my hands..."

The double-storey mansion is nestled among manicured lawns with a swimming pool and playground and occupies two lots at the end of Jalan Suasa 7/1L.

An extract from the Land and Mines Department named Mohd Khir and his wife Datin Seri Zahrah Kechik as the owners of Lot PT 65 (0.189ha) valued at RM900,000 and Lot PT 62 (0.30ha) valued at RM2.9 million. The lease is for 99 years.

The lots were transferred from Ditamas Sdn Bhd to Mohd Khir and his wife in July and September 2007. However, Shah Alam City Council records show that Ditamas is still the owner. Annual assessments on the property total almost RM9,000.

Not much could be seen from the outside except for rooftops of four blocks, palm trees, several air-condition compressors and closed-circuit TV cameras along the high walls. A man inside what looked like a guardhouse quickly shut the door behind him at the sight of reporters.

Reporters were given a first hand view of his impressive property yesterday.

Read more from The Star

Friday, June 26, 2009

The Passing of Idols

What a sad day this is when 2 of your TV/pop idols pass away...

Remembering Michael Jackson and Farah Fawcett:

Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson

Farah Fawcett
Farah Fawcett

Michael's last concert footage recorded for AEG Live

Monday, June 22, 2009

Penang's backwardness due to Ex-CM Koh Tsu Koon

Penang Chinese Chamber of Commerce Head slammed Dr Koh - David Tan reports for The Star, 21st June 2009 (online version unavailable)

Penang Chinese Chamber of Commerce (PCCC) president Tan Sri Tan Kok Ping has come out in support of CM Lim Guan Eng saying that Ex-CM Dr Koh had realised NONE of the plans in the Penang Master Plan formulated by Dr Lim Chong Eu when he was CM.

"Dr Koh did have his own plans, but NONE of the projects spelled out in those plans materialised" Tan Sri said.

"As a result of Dr Koh's inaction (for 18 years) the development of Penang had been slow, with no major structural changes visible" he added.

Tan also described the recent remarks by Singaporee's SM Lee Kuan Yew as fair and objective and urged the current administration to focus on current issues rather than to dwell on the past.

Dr Koh could not be reached for comments.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Penang Truly Lagging Behind

SM Lee Kuan Yew isn't so smart after all

SM Lee Kuan Yew recently remarked that Penang has not developed at all for the past 20 years while we Penangites have known it all this while - that's why we kicked Koh Tsu Khoon out!

ERIC C MANUEL writes in The Star today:

THE Mentor Minister of Singapore Lee Kuan Yew made an honest and fair comment on Penang after a visit. There is no reason for Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon to go into denial and make accusations.

Dr Koh was the Chief Minister of Penang for 18 years
with the full backing of the ruling party BN but what he contributed to the development of Penang to first world standards remains hazy.

Let’s start with the Penang airport. There is little development and the airport is only a shade better than the Pudu Raya bus terminal. Comparatively, there are several airports in the country which make the Penang airport look like a poor cousin.

The railway station and bus station in Butterworth have remained the same as they were 20 years ago. They are dilapidated with poor infrastructure and a poor feeder transport system to towns and the island.

It was during this period that the Sentral Railway Station in Kuala Lumpur was built. What a disparity between the two railway stations within one country and within the development scope of the same government.

Looking at the state’s inland transportation systems and the bus terminal, one would think that the state government stopped work for 20 years. Compare this with the Jalan Duta bus terminal. Had Penang embarked on an MRT or LRT project 18 years ago, Dr Koh would have left behind a legacy in the form of an effective transportation system that would resonate his name.

Now head to the ferry terminal of Penang. It is like getting into a time machine and cranking the wheels of time back into the 1960s. A historical and busy port, it could have been turned into one of the most modern sea terminals and gateways to the East. Its cousin terminal at Port Klang is way ahead in all the makings of a modern facility.

I could go on and on. But all said and done, Penang is about 20 years behind in comparison with Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Perak and Johor.

JR: I couldn't have said it better. Let's see if Ah Khoon or his secretary cares to reply!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Is the Proton Exora worth it?

Proton's new MPV has everyone lining up to...bail them out?

I know I am side tracking from my usual topics but I just can't get the idea why Malaysians are so exalted over Proton's new MPV the Exora.

Proton Exora

Read blogger Azwan's gushing review of Proton's new kid on the block

Read blogger Paul Tan's unbiased test drive review

I know looks are subjective, but does the Exora look better than the Grand Livina or the ubiquitous Avanza? The Exora does seem to have the edge in features (read Azwan's review) over both the Avanza and the Livina, but then looks and features aside.... the price!

Look who's leading??

The Exora is RM70k. I mean this Malaysian MPV is RM70k! I don't know about you guys but I don't mind plonking for a Nissan or a Toyota for that amount of money... but for a Proton quality car/mpv? You must be joking!

For RM70k or the equivalent you could buy the Toyota Prius Hybrid in Japan!

And don't get me started on what you can buy with RM70k in the US or the UK!

From the price list the nett selling price is stated as RM68,784.50 including tax.
So how much did the total tax (excise/sales/whatever) come up to?
If my reckoning is correct I think Proton would still make a profit if it sold the Exora at RM40k!

So why are we paying RM70k? Is this another case of getting the public to bail-out Proton?

And don't get me started on how Proton managed to launch this car from development in only 2 years! (My God, what kind of research did they do - or was there any??)

Anyway to those whom have already bought the Exora, this country (or is it Proton) is indebted to you!

Proton's profits up due to Exora and Persona (Thank you, suckers!)

Latest: Proton Exora - the good, the bad and the ugly

Monday, June 01, 2009

PKFZ RM4 billion scandal finally lands in MCA's backyard

Persons responsible reads like a Who's Who list from MCA top brass

The Star reports on 22 December 2008:

The total amount paid by the PKA to KDSB for the land eventually amounted to RM1.088bil, to be paid over 15 years.

A letter supporting the project was issued later by the then Transport minister Datuk Seri (now Tun) Dr Ling Liong Sik to Malaysian International Merchant Bankers Bhd and Pacific Trustees Bhd confirming the land purchase.

Former Transport Minister Datuk Seri (now Tan Sri) Chan Kong Choy also issued three supporting letters to the Malaysian Rating Corporation Bhd at each stage where PKA signed agreements with KDSB.

These agreements were for KDSB to develop PKFZ and amounted to RM2.25bil.

Read The Sun's latest uptake on their 5-year old investigation

Over the years, we have written dozens of stories on the wrongdoings. Today, five years after theSun broke the story and after denials, clarifications and the lot, we stand vindicated. The report prepared by PriceWaterhouse-Coopers is testimony to why we chose to pursue the issue relentlessly – taxpayers’ money was involved but there seemed to be neither transparency nor accountability – the cornerstones of good governance. The figures quoted in our reports may not have been spot-on but the facts remain.

PWC's Report

PKFZ audit report

Najib losing the plot, washes his hands

Ong Tee Keat on the run as scandal looks set to skyrocket to RM12.5 billion

How it all started (The Sun's report dated 13 Aug 2007)

Forbes: Why the PKFZ issue is important to potential investors

WHAT IS PKFZ? The Port Klang Free Trade Zone (PKFZ) started as a joint venture between the Port Klang Authority and the promoters of the Jebel Ali Free Trade Zone in 1999 to attract foreign investment and promote Malaysia's main ports situated near Kuala Lumpur...

JR: MACC.. err have you finished reading the report?? I mean the one reported to you 5 years ago...

Friday, May 22, 2009

MCA and BN still struggling to serve the nation

MCA's new president struggles with old unresolved issues:

MCA president and minister wants PKFZ to reveal audit report on RM4.6b fiasco but PKFZ doesn't want to

PSD will still not give scholarships to those deserving

Najib's Ministry continues to sow seeds of discontent among the youth:

1Malaysia Najib's officers continue to preach racial hatred among youths

JR: ...and they wonder why everyone is rejecting BN?

Shahrizat: Don't say BN not ready to face by-elections, say we boycott

PAS: BN should avoid all by-elections for the good of the nation

"Barisan will surely lose. So it might as well not bother to contest"

JR: BN should avoid more elections to "save cost" or AND to "save face"?

A black day for all Malaysians, Najib

Monday, May 18, 2009

Ride and Surf on Penang Buses

Penang buses (some, not all) equipped with WiFi capability

Rapid Penang is believed to be the first bus company in the country to roll out a high-speed WiFi service which will be useful to passengers, especially during a traffic congestion.

Its chief executive officer Azhar Ahmad launched the free service in two buses here yesterday for a trial period of three months to gauge the public’s response.

“The service is not password protected. Now, our passengers can surf the Net, check e-mail, Facebook or watch videos on YouTube with their laptops or handphones while on board.

“A lot of people think that public transport is only for the lower income group, but we’re offering services that private car owners don’t have – hands-free and Internet access at 3.5G speeds to entertain you in traffic jams,” he said while taking press members on a bus ride around town to try out the new service.

Read more

Monday, May 11, 2009

A Win For The Malaysian People (and of course the citizens of Perak)

Najib makes a mockery off the Perak State Assembly, gets a slap in the face...

“This is a great day for the rakyat (people) because the Law and the Constitution are the true winners,” - Nizar.

The High Court today declared Datuk Nizar Jamaluddin as the legitimate Menteri Besar of Perak and his bid to regain office will come sooner than expected after the same court denied the application of rival MB, Datuk Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir, for a apply for a stay pending an appeal.

In his ruling, Justice Abdul Aziz Abd Rahim stated that a new Mentri Besar could not be appointed as the office had not been vacated. A mentri besar can only be dismissed by a vote of no confidence, one in which Aziz noted that the Perak Legislative did not carry out.

Court said the fatal Barisan Nasional mistake was despite the majority of 31 against 28, the coalition failed to take a no-confidence vote against Nizar in the state assembly.

The Judge said once appointed as chief executive of the state, the Menteri Besar is only answerable to the state assembly.

JR: Er... so who gets the Toyotas now? On a more serious note it does look like Pakatan can intepret the law much better than BN!

Bloggers take on this issue:

Court decides on Nizar, Zambry to vacate his seat

Perak Sultan must get it right this time

On whose side will the Police stand next?

Tan Sri Ramon V Navaratnam: Police behaviour unacceptable

Tengku Razaleigh: BN has brought shame to the monarchy

Malaysian Bar Council: The answer lies not in the courts but in the hands of the people.

The Star: UMNO eats humble pie for its 63rd birthday

Latest: Najib retaliates... Zambry gets his seat back!

JR: Here we go again!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Najib wrestles his way into Perak

Perak Opposition's Speaker forcefully removed from his seat

Is this Najib's brand of politics? A constitutionally elected Speaker dragged out from the state assembly so that Najib's men can rule Perak. Wow! We are in for a new form of democracy now here in Malaysia!

JR: I hope this is not Najib's solution to save money by not holding any more elections!

More videos here

Najib: Now the world can see the new Malaysia

NST: BN has brought unprecedented shame to Perak

Radio Australia: Najib's shows off his power by arresting MPs and activists

Latest: Court rules PAS' Nizar is THE legitimate MB

Latest: Najib to wrestle off High Court judge next?

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Malaysian Politician Gets Free Disney Trip

Ex-Mentri Besar of Selangor Dr Khir Toyo spent almost RM1 million of state's monies for a Disney trip for his family

While other country's politicians can only boast of spending their people's money on watching porn, Malaysian politicians are at the top of the game with free Euro Disney trips for their family and friends!

It was revealed yesterday that Dr Khir spent almost RM1mil for a trip to France and Morocco with money "funded" by the state's development authority PNSB.

PNSB chief executive officer Datin Khairiyah Abu Hassan re-vealed this at the Special Select Committee on Competence, Accountability and Transparency (Selcat) inquiry yesterday.

She said that among others, RM81,723 was spent on Dr Khir, RM366,000 on a recce team (sadly, no details here on who were on the recce team) which went earlier to prepare for the trip and RM2,300 for an economy class ticket for the maid.

PNSB also paid an additional RM9,000 for Dr Khir and his family’s accommodation during a four-day transit in Dubai.

The inquiry heard that PNSB paid RM750,000 for Dr Khir’s trip to the United Stated in December 2007, which included tickets to Orlando Disneyland.

An additional RM110,000 was spent on Dr Khir’s seven-night stay at a hotel suite in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Dr Khir's wife Datin Seri Zaharah Kechik was of course not to be outdone when she spent RM34,600 for a Hong Kong trip in March 2007 and RM88,388 for a trip to Tokyo in June 2007 all of which were also "funded" by PNSB.

Now is it any wonder why many are fighting tooth and nail for a position in the Supreme Council in UMNO? Once you are in all it takes is a bit more "luck" to be "selected" as the next Mentri Besar and then its LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL!

If only we have an anti-corruption agency in Malaysia which not only go after the the cows. Sigh... MACC why are you so silent on this??

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Mahathir loses his legacy

Mahathir a no-show at General Assembly

The results are in. Mahathir's final vestiges in UMNO have been booted out. His son Muhkriz lost in his fight for Youth presidency against Khairy. And his last surviving colleague, the Iron Lady Rafidah Aziz lost to Shahrizat for the post of Wanita President.

Rafidah Aziz Mukhriz Mahathir

With all his influence gone what will Mahathir harp on now? More allegations of corruption? What would UMNO be without corruption? Why would anyone want to join UMNO if not for the money? To fight for the Malay race? Give me a break...

The new Chiefs in UMNO

Malaysia's next unwelcomed PM-to-be

A Tribute to Paul Harvey

I missed this somehow. My all-time favorite radio commentator Paul Harvey has passed away earlier this month on 1st of March, 2009.

I first discovered Paul Harvey in the early nineties when I was sent to Tokyo (of all places to discover him!) for an overseas assignment by my company I worked with at that time. Being a radio freak then I scoured the airwaves for an English station and soon chanced upon the US Army radio station based somewhere in Japan. It was THE only English station in Tokyo I could find and it was broadcasting in AM!

I soon found that I could catch the early morning news and some music just before I leave for work from my small hotel room. It was during that time that I keep hearing someone on the radio keep mentioning ... "this is Paul Harvey..." and it was always accompanied by some interesting news of the day. Now I am sure you would think that there can't be anything that interesting EVERY day that would warrant a special presenter to present. There wasn't. But it was Paul's style that captivated me from the moment I heard his voice. He could make something uninteresting sound so wonderful and would cheer up your day the way he presented it. It was a gift he had.

I managed to listen to him a few more times when I did returned to Tokyo but I never could find out much about this man since it wasn't the age of the internet yet then. Years later I have forgotten about thim and it was only recently I remembered about Paul Harvey (after really giving up on our pathetic local radio stations). I searched the internet and found that I could listen to Paul again now over the internet.

I can't believe he is dead now although he has lead a long and productive life. I wished our Malaysian radio presenters could learn something from this American radio icon but I know now that would be trying to expect the impossible to happen.

I guess no one else can pay a tribute to Paul Harvey as high as Larry King when he said:
"Paul Harvey could read the phonebook and you would pay attention" - Larry King

ABC's tribute to Paul Harvey

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Sultan to clean up Najib's mess in Perak

Najib's quest for silver (Perak) is wrecking the nation

Excerpts from various newscast:

"If Sultan Azlan Shah wants to avoid a continued impasse, or worse, to have his appointments booted out through a vote in a special sitting, he would have to make a new decision on whether to allow a dissolution," Perak Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) legal adviser Mohamed Asri Othman said.

Even without the suspensions, Perak was likely heading for a showdown in elections anyway.

"If the House is in constant deadlock, if bills cannot be passed, it would be bad for the state. Investors would not come, the state budget cannot be passed, the administration would grind to a halt. Ultimately, elections would be required," says Asri, a former DAP deputy secretary-general, and the Dermawan assemblyperson in 1990.

All scenarios hinge on Speaker Sivakumar who holds wide-ranging powers and whose position gives him the authority of a High Court judge, Asri notes.

Law lecturer Prof Dr Abdul Aziz Bari of the International Islamic University adds that the Speaker ' s decisions, if reached according to the House ' s standing orders, are final and difficult to challenge in court.

"This was BN (and Najib's) biggest mistake. They overlooked the problem with the Speaker," he says.

Malaysiakini: Ball now in Sultan's court

The Star: Nation looking towards the palace to break this impasse

The Star: BN humiliated by "boy speaker" who is now the pride of the nation

The Edge: Disgruntled UMNO members planning to block transfer of PMship to Najib

Malaysiakini: More allegations of corruption against Najib surfaces

The Sun: Najib threatens those who report him to MACC

Help Save Perak from BN: Sign an online petition to the Sultan

Monday, March 02, 2009

UMNO Youth's Mat Rempit Behaviour

UMNO Youth blames their gangsterism show in Parliament on wheelchair bound Karpal Singh

Outgoing Umno Youth vice-head Khairy Jamaludin has blamed the incident whereby his members stormed into the august Parliament and tried to assault MP Karpal Singh on Karpal himself. The wheelchair bound Karpal was said to have intimidated his members and they therefore had the right to assault him in Parliament.

He said the movement had never encouraged or condoned such acts by its members "but a the same time, I wish to stress that all this cropped because of Karpal Singh's abrasive remarks in the Dewan Rakyat".

Again this goes to show that if your father or father-in-law is the PM in this country you can get away with almost anything.

As usual no action will be taken on the infamous son-in-law nor his goons since he IS PM's son-in-law!

IGP: We cannot take any action

NST: Condemn UMNO Youth

The Star: UMNO thugs a big shame in the Parliament

Khairy interviewed: "I know my image is bad"

UMNO Youth: No comment. Our blog has not been updated since July 2008!

JR: I guess this is what happens when only Mat Rempits want to join your club!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Perak, BN and Gamuda

Still wondering why the Sultan of Perak was so swift in putting BN back in business?

Malaysia Today has the dirty details...

"Malaysian politics is perhaps the dirtiest but you can’t blame the public to have a perception that the federal government was twisting the arms of the Sultan (silly assumption, is it not?). However on the business perspective you do not need to wake Einstein up from his grave to tell you that Gamuda is basically at the mercy of the Federal government. With water taps closed by the federal government to three of the most developed states, Selangor, Perak and Penang, Gamuda is screaming for projects. Certainly the nation has the money. In fact the country is flushed with more money than before the Mar 2008 general election simply because the federal government does not know where to pump the money to since the most developed states such as Selangor, Perak (was) and Penang are controlled by opposition parties.

The largest shareholder of Gamuda is also the second richest woman on the 2008 Forbes 40 Richest Malaysians at #35 spot is Raja Datuk Seri Eleena Raja Azlan Shah, the daughter of the Sultan of Perak, Raja Azlan Shah.

Gamuda Directors (seated L-R) Mr. Ng Kee Leen, YAM Raja Dato’ Seri Eleena binti Raja Azlan Shah, YBhg Dato’ Ir. Haji Azmi bin Mat Nor, with the 20 recipients of Gamuda Scholarship 2007.

She was worth RM773 Million ($228 Million) at #25 spot in 2007’s 40 Richest Malaysians but this figure dropped to RM510 Million ($150 Million) in 2008 at #35 spot. Based on today’s stock price of RM1.91 a share her fortune is only at RM287.46 million based on her remaining stake of 7.5% in Gamuda via Generasi Setia (M) Sdn Berhad. Naturally when his father refused to dissolve the state assembly for a fresh election various rumors and speculations began its circulation."

Looking at Gamuda's 2006 Financial Report, the biggest shareholder is Generasi Setia (8.71%) and YAM Raja Dato’ Seri Eleena Azlan Shah also indirectly holds 76,710,000 shares as of 31 July 2006.

Friday, February 06, 2009

Victory for Najib At Last

BN reclaims Perak from Pakatan Rakyat

Barely hours after Perak MB claims his government was "stable" BN with Najib at the helm scored an unprecedetented victory which would put Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim to shame.

3 defections (2 from PKR and 1 from DAP) by Members of Parliament left the ruling coalition crippled and without a strong majority. In comes Knight Rider Najib swooping them up and declaring them loyal to BN. Didn't take long for him to convince the Sultan (a fact which surprised many!) that the people of Perak were all for the BN government to return to its roost.

The people of Perak must now be very happy to return to their good old days and their good old ways where everything can now once again move smoothly with just some Najib "oil" added.

A constitutional crisis brewing in Perak

Mahathir: Anwar gets a taste of his own medicine

Pakatan MB Nizar booted out from office

Is the Sultan right in dismissing Perak MB Nizar?

Latest: Najib & Co gets a warm hot welcome at swearing-in ceremony as Perakians show their "love" for him

Latest: Royal city rocked by protests

Look at the mess Najib created:

Monday, February 02, 2009

Penang Hop On Bus Service (FREE!)

Visitors to Penang can now enjoy a bus ride within George Town, the UNESCO World Heritage City, for FREE.

The Hop On Free Central Area Transit (CAT) ply the route between Weld Quay Jetty and Komtar on 15-minute intervals from 6am-12midnight.

Exploring the grounds of the UNESCO World Heritage City has never been this convenient now with 19 CAT stops in between all the famous heritage landmarks of Penang!

Penang free bus service

Read more

Monday, January 19, 2009

44 places to go in 2009

Penang is ranked No.2 by NY Times readers!

Penang has been voted the 2nd best place to go in 2009 by New York Times readers! You can visit the site and see where are the other 41 places to go in 2009.

Its more discerning editors however placed Penang at the 22nd spot with the only other Asian destinations Phuket ranked at No. 12 while Boracay made it at 26. Needless to say Penang food was what tempted the readers to make it a must in your list of the most tempting places to visit in 2009.

Penang food

What to eat and where to eat in Penang

BN Losing More Ground

BN Fails to Retain Kuala Terengganu

Despite the nationwide campaign to retain its seat BN found itself losing more ground this time deep in the Malay heartland when it failed to retain its Kuala Terengganu seat.

After all the empty promises, the bribes, the pathetic back-stabbing and the total media control (e.g. The Star featured an incredible amount of bad news about the Opposition in almost every other page in its print version, and almost every day) it looks like BN is really heading for the sunset this time.

Pakatan didn't even have to do anything except to let BN talk itself hoarse and still they won. I guess this speak volumes about how everyone sees BN now, except for those inside BN who still thinks they are still as popular as "nasi dagang" while they are actually more like "nasi semalam".

So while Najib thinks its just a minor setback and Muhyiddin thinks UMNO was not exciting enough, the people go back to being bored by BN MPs who try to be as insulting as possible to gain popularity. So let us all just wait for the next by-election and the next one until we get rid of all the BN rubbish.

MCA: When no one praises you, praise yourself

Bloomberg Video: Vote a major blow to Najib