Friday, February 29, 2008

Help Save Malaysia From Sinking

Malaysians abroad - You can help save Malaysia from sinking deeper into the bottomless pit of corruption, nepotism and cronyism.

The ruling coalition has access to massive public funds to help fuel its powerful publicity machine to blind the public from viewing their excesses, their corrupt practices and their continuous quest to remain in power.

However, in this age of the internet you too can do your bit to help save Malaysia, if you still have any love left, that is.

With roughly a week more to polling day this is your chance to put in some effort or to donate to the Opposition who definitely needs as much funds as possible to engage the ruling coalition and to stop them from buying the public's vote. Your contribution no matter how big or small will go a long way to help ALL Malaysians in this time of need.

Opposition parties needing your contribution:

DAP: The Democratic Action Party

PKR: Parti Keadilan Rakyat

You can make an electronic fund transfer by clicking on the above links. Alternately if you have a PayPal account you can also donate to DAP's Jeff Ooi who is coordinating their internet campaign.

Details of Jeff's internet fund raising campaign or you can send money direct to his Paypal account at


Click on the email link below to send this message to as many Malaysian friends as possible. Thank you.

Latest: Donations to Jeff Ooi has hit RM85,000 RM110,000 mark

Malaysians overseas prevented from voting

Malaysians residing overseas not allowed to vote

Malaysians living overseas cannot vote through the post unless they are military personnel, students, staff of embassies and high commissions and their spouses. Under the Election Regulations (Electoral Roll) 2002 and Election Regulations (Postal Votes) 2003, only three categories of citizens living overseas are allowed to cast postal votes.

Apparently the Malaysian government believes that most Malaysians residing overseas will vote for the Opposition if they were allowed to vote.

Malaysians in London lament the lack of democratic principles in their own country

Malaysian DPM and Defence Ministers orders all military personnel to vote
and promising them a huge salary increase

IHT: Najib a thorn-in-the-side of the ruling coalition

IHT: Malaysians torn between two evils

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Dr Koh unveils Penang's miserable track record

Penang Gerakan's Report Card shows how far behind Penang is

Among the "real highlights" are:-

1. Penang bridge is all choked up with traffic and huge traffic jams occurring almost everyday
2. NO 2nd bridge link
3. NO mass rapid transit nor monorail system in Penang
4. Poorly managed bus system
5. Poorly managed taxi service (meters still not used)
6. Poorly managed and grossly under-utilized ferry service
7. No new multinational companies (electronics, IT, finance, you name it... we don't see it) setting up shop in Penang (changing of names not considered)
8. No new airline operating from Bayan Lepas airport
9. No improvement in service in most government departments
10. Poor (sorry, make that very poor) broadband service and nonexistent in many areas
11. Lack of environmental care resulting in increased pollution, congestion and land erosion
12. Lack or nonexistent recreation facilities for public, young, old and the disabled
13. Lack or nonexistent public amenities e.g. public libraries and help centers
14. Lack or nonexistent tourist amenities e.g. tourist information counters and proper rest and recreation facilities
15. Poor maintenance of roads and walkways
16. Poor maintenance of rubbish collection and disposal system

All the above has resulted in the following:
- Penang losing out as a top investors' haven
- Penang losing out as a top tourist and shopping destination
- Penang losing out as a top second-home destination

Gerakan's slogan backfires

Gerakan leaders should "STOP REINVENTING" and give way now.

PKR exposes the lies and empty promises made by Dr Koh (in Mandarin)

Latest: PM Abdullah says he is not worried about Penang's poor economic outlook

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

BN increasingly worried about the Opposition

Their (BN) manifesto looked and tasted like day-old "roti canai kuah" while The Opposition has managed to take the public by storm with their more intelligent and highly relevant manifesto.

So worried is BN that PM Pak Lah has even started to get his own iPod Nano to see how it feels like to be part of the New Generation he does not understand. So worried is BN that DPM Najib has to promise not to raise petrol price immediately after the Election. So worried is BN in Penang that a group of them have suddenly turned religious to seek blessings and forgiveness for their past sins.

Penang BN candidates seek divine intervention in face of a huge washout?

BN is also worried about the increasing support shown on the ground for Opposition candidates compared to the hostile reception met by its own candidates and in-fighting within its own party members. The unwillingness of Samy Vellu to give way to a new leadership has brought untold damage to BN's support from the Indian community. The Chinese community is not much happier with the price increase in ordinary household items, lack of business opportunities and the increasing discrimination it faces since PM Abdullah Badawi took over the helm. The Malay community meanwhile has been vociferous in their demands for more equitable distribution of the Nation's wealth, much of it plundered by UMNO's cronies.

Let's face it - most of us want a change, so let's "Just Change It"

Click to enlarge

Opposition top guns at Penang ceramah

Malaysia Needs A Stronger Opposition - Michael Backman, The Age

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Election Council bending the rules to help retarded BN nominees

The so called "independent" Election Commission helps out friends in need

First, it was Rafidah Aziz who didn't even bother to sign her nomination papers (Hey, it's me... Rafidah Aziz, you don't know me?) and still got her nomination accepted!

Now, it seems that BN nominees don't even have to have their nomination papers stamped to get nominated. Sorry, if you are from the Opposition - different rules applies. PAS strongman Mohd Sabu found this out the hard way when he tried to protest to the EC yesterday about the unfair treatment.


BN promises what they haven't been able to deliver for the past umpteen years

DAP says "Just Change It!"

Police stops Opposition candidate from making a speech

Police tries to stop Opposition members from submitting their nomination papers

BN tried to buy-off Keadilan candidates

Monday, February 25, 2008

Umno fields bankrupt candidate and a corpse

UMNO's candidate disqualified as a bankrupt

It must have been tough for UMNO to find quality candidates that they had to resort to fielding candidates whom have been declared bankrupt.

Mustopha Ahmed’s campaign came to a quick end as soon as he stepped into the Pengkalan Chepa nomination centre when PAS officers produced a letter dated Nov 25, 2005 from the Insolvency Department about bankruptcy charges filed against him. He was immediately disqualified and PAS won without contest.

Read more

Perlis MB Shahidan enjoying a rousing welcome from PAS supporters

UMNO supporters bring dead man to prop up their numbers
On an even morbid note, UMNO supporters were found to have brought a corpse along with them as they went along to support their nominated candidate.

The body of a man was found stuffed in a bag in the luggage compartment of an excursion bus carrying some 40 Puteri Umno supporters to the Kajang nomination centre yesterday.

Read more

Rafidah Aziz nominated even though she did not sign her nomination papers
Malaysians of all races cheered when it was reported earlier that Rafidah did not want to seek re-election. However, it was a short moment of happiness for her detractors when it was finally reported that she forgot to sign and it was not that she didn't want to be nominated.

All her AP kings must have sighed a big sigh of relief. Read more

Anwar calls for Abdullah to be made Head of Opposition and Najib the Ambassador to Mongolia
The Opposition have an interesting manifesto: to put Abdullah on the other side of Parliament and to send Najib to Mongolia to attend some unfinished business. Anwar made the call in Taman Kelasah, Permatang Pauh last night.

Read more

DAP's Fong Po Kuan returns to fold after being praised by Najib
DAP's "cili padi" and veteran politician made a surprise(?) turnaround after breaking many people's hearts including Najib who called her a capable politician. She fires her first salvo at Abdullah calling him an incompetent leader as she returns to the frontline.

Vote for BN if you still can afford to let them suck you dry

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Malaysia's Opposition Fights From Cyberspace

AFP:Malaysia's opposition mounts campaign in cyberspace

Malaysia goes to the polls next month and this time the campaign is going online, as opposition parties turn to blogs, SMS and YouTube to dodge a virtual blackout on mainstream media.

Major newspapers and television stations -- many partly owned by parties in the ruling coalition -- are awash with flattering stories on the government and its achievements ahead of March 8 general elections.

The opposition parties rate barely a mention, but thanks to the Internet they have begun campaigning feverishly in cyberspace with the aim of reaching young, urban, educated voters.

"They control the television but we've got YouTube now," said 31-year-old Lee Sean Li, an accountant who avidly surfs the Net for alternative news and complains there are only negative glimpses of the opposition in the main media.

Lee was delighted to see parliamentary opposition leader Lim Kit Siang post a speech on the upcoming elections, just minutes after Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi dissolved parliament earlier this month.

"I was impressed at how professional he was and it is a clever use of technology," Lee said, adding that 67-year-old Lim is one of the most "wired" politicians in the country.

Read more

Turkish Weekly: Malaysian Opposition Campaigns Online

Today Online: Malaysia's Opposition fights with YouTube, Facebook and MySpace

Jeff Ooi thanks his contributors from around the world

Saturday, February 23, 2008

UMNO Self Destructs In Perlis

No arrests were made as UMNO members riot in Kangar

BN flags were torn, posters were sprayed with red paint and letters of resignations flew as Perlis UMNO members riot on being told that MB Shahidan Kassim would be dropped this coming election.

Earlier UMNO party leaders Shahidan Kassim as Mentri Besar and two Cabinet ministers from Perlis, Datuk Seri Azmi Khalid and Datuk Seri Radzi Sheikh Ahmad, were still at each others throats on the eve of submitting their nomination list to the PM.

Later in the morning, an irate BN chairman Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and his deputy Datuk Sri Najib Razak gave an ultimatum to Shahidan and the two ministers to sort out their issues and revert with a candidates list acceptable to all three parties.

Tension got worse when Shahidan's supporters could not contain their emotions and started tearing Barisan Nasional flags and posters of the Prime Minister were sprayed red. Several even tendered their resignation letters as division committee members.

High Noon In Perlis

Friday, February 22, 2008

Exclusive Preview of PM Abdullah's Report Card

Malaysian PM to present his Report Card today

We have the exclusive preview!

1. Stamp out corruption F-
2. Improve safety and security F-
3. Improve independence of Judiciary E-
4. Improve police force E-
5. Protecting minority rights E-
6. Quashing out peaceful rallies A+
7. Reinvent Islam C-
8. Keeping parliament house in order F-
9. Keeping his own house in order (incl. new wife & son-in-law) A+
10. Visiting flood victims E-
11. Keeping commodity prices up (incl. petrol) A+
12. Keeping household goods prices low F-
13. Increasing toll rates A+

Sleeping In Malaysia

Year: 2004 - 2007
Final Result: E-
Conclusion: He has to resit his PM post, so please vote him in again!

DAP confident of denying BN a majority rule in Penang

DAP dreams of ruling Penang

The DAP has announced its dream team to take on the Barisan Nasional in seven parliamentary seats in Penang, with party secretary general Lim Guan Eng making his political comeback in Bagan.
DAP chairman Karpal Singh, who is still recuperating from a spinal injury, will stand in yet another general election by defending his Bukit Gelugor seat.

The 67-year old veteran, who made his political debut in 1974, will be creating history as the first candidate with a temporary disability contesting in the general election.

Read more

Elsewhere: Bloggers give their "blessings" to Azalina

Elsewhere: Chia Kwang Chye drops out of race for CM post

Thursday, February 21, 2008

MCA in dilemma over Chan's decision to quit

Serious cracks appearing in MCA

Selayang MP and party VP Chan Kong Choy's decision to quit as the elected representative of the constituency is a serious blow to the party's leadership. Fresh from the sacking of another VP Chua Soi Lek from the infamous sex video controversy, MCA's president Ong Ka Ting is now without two of his most senior party leaders as he struggles to prevent chaos from happening within the party.

Chan's decision to quit has not been surprising following his dismal performance as the country's Transport Minister who could not take any action against the many problems faced by the Malaysian transport system e.g. lack of enforcement over recalcitrant taxi drivers who refuse to use the meters and poor enforcement over the country's hell bus drivers. His latest failure was when he was unable to answer for the billions spent in developing the Pulau Indah Free Zone.

Chan's RM 42 billion PKFZ scandal sinks him

Najib: MCA cannot even keep its house in order

Tony Pua: Why MCA has sold out the Chinese voters

Dr Koh admits he has not done anything for Penang

Reinvent Penang? Wake up Dr Koh!

It looks like Dr Koh has admitted he has not done much for Penang for the last 12 years he was at the helm. By using the tagline "Keep Reinventing" he has acknowledged what most Penangites have known all this while that there has been no REAL development in Penang (just reinventions of the same) for the past 10 years or more under his leadership.

The proof is clear for all to see, though. Just look at how much development has happenened in Georgetown compared to its sister cities for the past 10 years:




Kanagawa Prefecture

Georgetown (click to read the sad story)

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

No good reasons to use the cane

Days of caning and whipping are over
Were you caned by your teacher in the 60's or 70's and still turned into an honourable citizen? Does this mean caning is good for you? By sparing the rod will you spoil the child? Does the same reasoning work today? Would you go to a hospital today and still expect them to treat you with medicine from the 1960s?

IN response to In favour of caning in The Star, Feb 18, I'd like to begin by saying that those days are over. While I'm sure the writer has accomplished much, the world has changed.

As we have progressed, we have discovered more methods of teaching, learning, and reaching out to students. What is best for one child is not necessarily what is best for another. Sixty years ago, problems like ADD and dyslexia were not given attention to at all. In fact, during schooling in that era, children were whipped for the “crime” of being left-handed. Is this truly an education system that can deem itself sophisticated or helpful?

Times have changed, people are far more educated with regards to teaching others and we have only two options: evolve or die. Either jump on the wagon or hop off the tracks, my friend.

What is the point of progress if we cling on to the sad remainders of yesteryear? While there are always values that will remain constant no matter what the year, education - like healthcare - is not something that should be allowed to stagnate.

You wouldn't go to a hospital today and expect them to treat you with medicine and from the 1950s, would you? The very idea itself is laughable.

And the letter also says that without caning, he or she “might not be” what they are today. Let me just say that it is a sad, sad world when all the positive achievements one has made in his or her lifetime must be attributed to violence.

What about personal drive, intelligence, hard work and talent - or perhaps these are all modern traits? Finally, the letter claims that “certain groups say caning is barbaric”. Certain groups? The majority of the educated world are of the conviction that caning in schools is unhelpful, has more adverse effects than positive, and is brutal to boot.

To be concise, certain groups say caning is not barbaric and these groups are either outdated or just plain inept at interacting with children.

The writer has presented no concrete evidence for caning, and only cites personal experiences from half a century ago. Please, let's have some basis for an argument here.

Finally, in my last letter, I did cite my spell in a British curriculum system school. I was there from the first grade until I graduated from high school (in 2006). Therefore, I am able to refer to my experiences as those of modern-day schooling, and not bring up an education from 50 years ago and try to purvey it as relevant to today's age.


Sg Buloh, Selangor.

JR: Very well put, Tarshini.

Samy Vellu to cling on to his post until he is 95

“If I leave the party now, MIC will go into disarray"

Citing an apparent lack of qualified successors in MIC, Samy has blasted his critics by telling them off for asking him to leave. Saying he is only prepared to go if EVERYONE in MIC tells him to leave, Samy has confirmed he is not about to give up his post to his deputy Datuk G. Palanivel, who now realizes that he has to stick around as his deputy for another 23 more years.

The embattled party president was asked to comment on talk that he was not favoured by a certain Barisan Nasional (BN) component party to continue to lead MIC and it was speculated that he may not be fielded on Sunday (Feb 24).

"They don't hate me. There are NO indications anyone hate me."

"I am not old (only 72), I will only be old at 95 and then MAYBE you can ask me to leave."

"I will not sacrifice myself for MIC!" (ad-libbed by JR, sorry, couldn't resist it)

Samy: "This may be my last term... err, no.. er... maybe my 6th last term la..."

Elsewhere: Khairy plots and wrangles his way to prevent Mukhriz from contesting

Dr Koh opts for safe Batu Kawan seat

Dr Koh's revealing of cards could be a sleight of hand

Amidst worries of losing his seat and becoming a big embarrassment for Gerakan, Dr Koh has opted to run for parliament in the safest seat in Penang - Batu Kawan. This has come after the Opposition has proposed to put up their stongest opposition leaders at Bukit Bendera and Jelutong, the other 2 seats being considered by Dr Koh.

Dr Koh in vying for his seat in Batu Kawan, will have to kick out incumbent MP Huan Cheng Guan who will then contest in Bukit Tambun, kicking off assemblyman Lai Chiew Hock, the present designated sacrificial lamb of Gerakan. It remains to be seen if Lai, who is not in the CM's favor and is the Penang Gerakan Youth chief will be retained.

The Opposition however is wary that the above could be a ruse by Gerakan and are not about to be caught off-guard if Dr Koh changes his strategy at the very last minute.

Elsewhere: Phantoms discovered in an old army camp in Penang

Sunday, February 17, 2008

There is no safe haven for BN in Penang

BN should be worried... a lot more worried.

The Chinese are sick of Gerakan in Penang while the Indians want no part of MIC. Can't even protect their own kind. Work only when election is coming. Always using threats to force voters to vote for them.

Samy Vellu in Penang
Samy Vellu getting a very "hot" welcome in Penang

Enough is enough!

You can help to change this. But the Opposition do not have access to public funds the ruling parties have. You can change this too. Donate directly to the Opposition.

Start here:

Donate to Jeff Ooi's fund
Donate to Jeff's fund

Donate to DAP

Donate to PKR

Thursday, February 14, 2008

It is time to submit your Report Cards

I have just visited the websites of MCA, Gerakan and DAP and couldn't find one which categorically states what each party has achieved in the past 4 years. I would love to publicize their achievements for the benefit of the public but it seems like none of the above parties are interested to let their potential voters know what they have achieved so far.

Is it such a big secret or is it because they did not achieve anything substantial? Can a kind reader please give me the link if you have one? You can submit for any Malaysian political party you wish and not just the above mentioned. Thanking you in advance.

Hmmph... how to know which party to vote for??

Gerakan and MCA hard pressed to defend Penang from a DAP onslaught

Gerakan is like a ship without its captain while MCA is like a ship with too many captains!

With Dr Koh going for a parliamentary seat, Gerakan is now short of talented candidates to fill the vacant spots. However, MCA which has many proven candidates are in a tight spot as they cannot tip the balance of the Gerakan/MCA composition as it would prove a fatal blow to Gerakan if Gerakan failed to get enough candidates voted in.

If more MCA candidates are voted in compared to Gerakan it would mean the death of Gerakan as MCA would then want the Chief Ministership position (which is no big MCA secret). This would then be a bigger headache for even our PM to handle. Giving MCA the CM post would mean it would take even more years before the CM post finally comes to UMNO (not a big UMNO secret either).

Will the fight between MCA and Gerakan which is now a big problem for Dr Koh prove advantageous to DAP? In any case I think Penangites will be looking forward to a big 3 cornered fight between MCA, Gerakan and DAP as they go all out to win the heart of the voters. There are 14 parliamentary seats and 40 state seats up for grabs in Penang.

Personally, I think the big question is NOT whether the Chinese in Penang will support Gerakan or DAP but it is whether the Penang Malays will support BN?

Anwar Ibrahim in Penang

BN can forget about the Indian votes

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Parliament is dissolved, Malaysia braces for early Election

Can we hope For A Better Malaysia this time around?

Or will we still be fooled by sloganeering sloths who in the past made such claims like "Don't Work For Me, Work With Me"? And we ended up doing all the work while he sleeps through his job.

Anwar the Fear Factor in an early election call?

Gerakan resorting to bribes in Penang

Gerakan caught giving out "bribes" to Penang voters
When you have nothing to show for and you still want the people's votes what can you do short of bribing them with money?

Well, of course you can give them oranges and rice. And since this is Chinese New Year what can be better than giving out such 'ang-pows' as a pretext of gaining voters' sympathy? Gerakan SG and "CM-in-waiting" Chia Kwang Chye was recently "caught" by the Opposition for offering such bribes to voters in Rifle Range. PKR deputy information chief Jason Ong has made an ACA report but knowing our ACA's tattered reputation it is going to be a waste of his time.

Chia admittedly reported that it was a publicity stunt and he only does it because it was Chinese New Year and "the season for giving".

Latest: Malaysian parliament is dissolved

Not so latest: PM - Parliament won't be dissolved today (you decide who is in control of this country!)

"He looks like our PM, sounds like our PM, but we are not 100% sure he is our PM"

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Penangites cheer on news of Dr Koh leaving for good

Penangites woke up today to some great news and a big smile on their faces upon reading the front pages of their dailies.

Penang CM Dr Koh to vacate his CM post

How long have we waited for this moment? I can't believe it has been 12 years! For 12 years we have suffered under his lethargic leadership (if you can call it leadership). For 12 years Penang has moved from a vibrant tourist state to one known for its rubbish, unrepaired roads and a stagnant state of affairs.

And to think Dr Koh only revealed his position after being pestered by our PM for not being able yo make a decision, with the elections looming close. How very typical of Dr Koh! How very typical of a man who can't make an important decision much less manage a state!

Anyway there is not much to be happy about knowing those tipped to fill his vacant PG 1 will be none other than one of the following: Gerakan secretary-general Datuk Seri Chia Kwang Chye, vice-president Datuk Dr Teng Hock Nan and deputy secretary-general Datuk Lee Kah Choon.

More of the same? I guess so, knowing how poor the quality of Gerakan members are. I remembered years ago a lot of Penangites were happy to see Lim Chong Eu go only to have a half comatose Gerakan newcomer replace him. And now will we move from half comatose to a full coma?

Dr Lim: Koh's move is to fulfill the wishes of Penangites who are fed up of him

Elsewhere: Malaysian PM gives himself another pat on the back for working hard. I believe the Malay translation is bekerja "keras"? I wonder what will he praise himself for next? Meanwhile, can someone please bring me a barf bag....

Monday, February 04, 2008

PM Abdullah blames the people for high crime rate

Like his counterpart, PM Abdullah Badawi joins the blame game. Now you know why Malaysia's crime rate is up 13.4%.

No, it is not because of the influx of immigrants.

No, it is not because the Police are not seen anywhere except along certain stretches of roads and highways (hmmmph?).

No, it is not because of people who are jobless, we have zero poverty rate, remember?

It is public apathy which is actually the cause of our high crime rate!

Sigh... for once I have to agree with Dr M's wishing that Badawi will only stay one term

Mahathir: PM Abdullah Badawi overstaying his welcome

Don't blame the Polis!

More Panic in Gerakan as DAP sets up offensive in Penang

DAP rookie and popular blogger to take on Gerakan SG Chia Kwang Chye

Jeff Ooi has confirmed he will contest in Penang as Chia Kwang Chye panics. Going against a novice shouldn't be too much of a worry for DAP stalwart Chia unless he has nothing to show for his long stay in Penang? Will Penang voters vote for him after receiving their ang-pows and more ang-pows?

Chia says voters shouldn't vote for DAP as it is actually PKR who will come to power if the Opposition wins. Well, Datuk Chia for your information any other party besides Gerakan is definitely better than sticking with you guys! So we actually don't care whether it is DAP or PKR! As long as it is not Gerakan!

Gerakan worrying about the influence of bloggers

Najib accuses MIC of becoming irrelevant

I guess it is another case of a pot calling a kettle black (pun unintended)!

The MIC has to re-engineer itself to remain relevant to the Indian community, said Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

The Deputy Prime Minister said this would ensure the party remained the main representative of the Indian community in the country.

Stressing that the future of the Indians lay with the Barisan Nasional, Najib said the MIC should not rest on its laurels.

“The fact that the MIC has delivered the Indian votes doesn’t guarantee that this will continue."

-The Star, February 4, 2008