Sunday, October 07, 2012

There is NO corruption in Malaysia

The definition of corruption in Malaysia has taken new meanings as ruling coalition BN now deems that corruption can only happen to people from the Opposition and the ordinary laymen. Recent allegations of corrupt practices by the Melaka Chief Minister were laughed off by the Home Minister as something normal for people in BN so they should not be charged.

Ali Rustam

BBC : Lavish Malay wedding of Malacca's Chief Minister's son triggers worldwide attention on corruption in Malaysia

Hishammuddin: It is OK as it is not corruption since we are the ruling coalition

Hishammuddin: We only investigate people who accuse us of corruption

AsiaOne: "Of course I can afford it, also I had many sponsors" 

MACC: We prefer to investigate the Selangor government which is under the Opposition

MC: Mega banquets of Malaysian ministers a norm in BN

And on the same day look what Hong Kong's Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC), Daniel Li Ming-chak said at the 6th Annual Conference and General Meeting of the International Association of Anti-Corruption Authorities (IAACA) in Kuala Lumpur:

ICAC: "These officials could still be charged in court for public misconduct abuse of power by public officials whether for personal or any other gain."

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Thursday, October 04, 2012

Invertebrate PM runs away from parliamentary debate

Najib failed to turn up for budget debate in parliament

After dishing out his predictably last election budget Najib realized no one is fooled and refuses to attend parliamentary debate on the 2013 Malaysian budget much to the consternation of his deputies who are clueless and assigned to fend off questions from the MPs.

Najib however has found enough courage to debate from behind a computer with selected youths after promising them a RM200 rebate for buying smartphones.
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Najib's all bark and no bite show

Terence Netto: Malaysian PM can talk but cannot defend himself

Azmi Sharom: What kind of PM we have if he is not willing to answer in parliament

The Star: Najib to praise himself on social network for smartphone rebate 

Eli Wong: Najib is not fit even to be Women's Affairs Minister!

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