Thursday, August 23, 2012

Is Pakatan already ruling Malaysia? Mahathir calls for CHANGE

Pakatan dictating the terms for a weakened Najib

Recent reports on the mainstream media would have given the public the perception that Pakatan is already ruling Malaysia. First it was the call for the RCI on Sabah which was immediately accepted by Najib and then followed by the call to reduce taxes on cars which was also immediately "copied" by BN. Najib has been totally left out of the loop like used fodder as Rosmah (Najib's advisor) runs out of ideas (or was it ran away to do her shopping?) and Najib himself runs out of favor with Dr M.

This has even led to Dr M refering to Najib as the "devil" and pleading for Malaysians to CHANGE and to elect the "angel" Anwar instead! Of course, none of Najib's lieutenants were of much help, particularly his home minister Hishamuddin whom recently declared that for the first time (since Independence) he has just realised that he was supposed to be in charge of reducing crime in Malaysia! Poor sod didn't even realise that he had been fed with manipulated crime data to make him feel good since the day he was elected!

Even The Star was not optimistic of a BN win anymore with Joceline Tan gushing about how unassailable DAP's position is in Penang. Of course BN was not without their usual childish pranks e.g. coming out with their "own version" of Lim Guan Eng's book, which unsurprisingly made its "bastardized" debut in Johor, the home state of MCA's first porn actor cum president. And that was after getting an unknown imam to declare DAP as "haram" for a RM 2 million donation and using FB to declare Malaysia as a Christian nation!

Dr M: Najib is the "devil" and Malaysians are better of with the "angel" Anwar

Hishamuddin: Crime is bad only if you think it is, it's all in your perception (nothing bad has ever happened to me before)

Hishamuddin: Don't blame me, I didn't know the data was fake

MC: Dr M is already preparing his exit strategy