Tuesday, June 28, 2011

All cannot la!

A peaceful rally is the last thing a paranoid Najib wants

Do you want to organize a peaceful rally? Cannot-la... All rallies in Malaysia must be violent. If it is a peaceful rally then it will bring shame to BN because no one wants to join our rallies. Your peaceful rally will attract thousands and of course this is bad PR for BN. Tell you what. If you let UMNO Youth join the rally we can guarantee the rally will be violent (you take the blame-la), then we can have the PR we want! Win-lose situation right? You lose, I win!

Cannot have rally

Cannot read poems

Cannot wear red t-shirts

Perkasa: We can make it violent!

UMNO Youth: We can do the job too!

Suhakam: The people have a right to assemble

Nathaniel Tan: A worried government gripped by paranoia

MarinaM: Is it wrong for Malaysians to assemble peacefully?

Thursday, June 16, 2011

PSD scholarship disbursement destroying BN's credibility

More believe scholarships were given to children of top government oficials

The recent announcement by Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Mohd Nazri Aziz that the government will NOT publicize the list of scholarship holders only goes to strengthen the Malaysian public's believe that most of the PSD scholarships went to the children of top government officials rather than the needy and the poor.

For many years the public have heard stories of children of top government officials being offered scholarships year after year and nothing has been done to dispel such rumors. Nazri's statement can only mean that what the public believe is true all along.

This sorry state of affairs has even prompted people like Tan Sri Ramon Ravaratnam who are calling for more transparency and accountability in the BN governement which does not practice what it preaches.

Of course, the easiest way to settle this mess is to just print the list, but then will the public be shocked to see a "Who's Who" list being given scholarships? Or are we already immune to the fact that it is already common knowledge?

Malaysiakini: The whole scholarship process is secretive and suspicious

The Star: This is the work of a dishonest government

MCA: You didn't get it because you didn't deserve it

Friday, June 10, 2011

Najib's official visit to daughter's wedding?

Save on airline fare and hotel - use the governement's money

Is PM Najib trying to save his travel cost by using his official trip to Kazakhstan as a front for attending his daughter's wedding? The internet is abuzz with this latest news on how Malaysian government officials including the top dog cat (sorry!) himself has on numerous occasions made use of official trips for unofficial purpose. Brings to mind on Najib's recent visit to the US which somehow also "coincided with his daughter's convocation". How convenient is that?

Is Najib setting a good example on how to save cost?

Khir Toyo remembers how his Disneyland trip was paid for the whole family

Najib visiting his daughter's convocation in US which so happens to coincide with his official visit

A lesson learnt by Elliot Morley, British MP

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JR: I am sure now all government officials know when to plan their overseas trips now - good job, Najib!